Did anyone see the Discovery Channel special last?

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  • crownboy

    I saw it at my cousin's house last night, it was very interesting.

    It traced the lineage of man back to the "real Eve", who lived somewhere in Africa about 150,000 years ago. They were able to make this determination by reading the "mitocondrial DNA" of humans; looking for mutations, etc. It shows just how closely related all we humans are, as any two humans vary genetically by a miniscule amount. Any others saw the program?

  • Realist

    we are also only 1% different from chimpanzees in our genetik makeup! :)

  • Carmel

    I've not seen the show, but I try to read evey thing I can on the advances in genetics as it is one of my favorite subjects. Unfortunately, most TV programs skim over the science so shallowly, that I find it frustrating to be able to evaluate the logical sequences used. I find myself in a lot of debates with fish geneticists who consistantly draw unjustified assumptions from molecular genetics combined with statistics and probabilities. Unfortunately, there is little ability to prove or disprove some assumptions, but they make up the framework for major legislation or the interpretation thereof (ie application of the Endangered Species Act).

    I harbor some questions about the mitochondrial dna assumptions and the ability to create a time line based on "rates of beneficial mutations". It is interesting but again, highly hypothetical.


  • RunningMan

    I saw part of the program - the part that dealt with the attempt to pinpoint the location of Eden based on the four rivers mentioned in Genesis. It seemed to have completely forgotten that, according to the Bible story, the pre-flood river system would have been completely different from today. In fact, with no rainfall, runoff, or glacial melting, why would there have been rivers at all?

    Prior to the show, there was a program that discussed (apparently seriously) the idea that perhaps Ezekiel had seen a UFO.

    To the extent that it highlighted our genetic similarities and the potential for descending from a single set of ancestors, it was probably somewhat accurate. Unfortunately, I find that this network (in Canada I believe it was on the Learning Channel) tends to court viewers through the use of game shows, home redecorating, and pseudo-scientific piffle. It is a great disappointment to me. It should be renamed The Unlearning Channel.

  • Realist

    @ carmel: what are your questions?

  • larc


    Yes, I saw it and I was transfixed by the logic, the science and the chronology. I found it to be a thoroughly fascinating presentation.

    Running Man,

    I think you have this program confused with something else. They never even once mentioned particular rivers and the book of Genesis.

  • tdogg

    Yes that was a different show about trying to find the garden of eden. Primarily about one 'scientist' who was convinced that it was possible. From the small part I saw it was obvious that he did not have a realistic grasp on the chronology of the whole thing.

  • larc


    Did you see the same program I did?? It wasn't one scientist. It was an integration of ideas, facts and theories that are extant and integrated from an understanding, as best we know it, as to how events occurred. The whole episode was based on an integration of DNA analysis and standard archealogical research, the combination of which, was not possible just a few short years ago.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Crownboy, Larc,

    I taped the show and watched it this evening. Very interesting presentation, I thought. Physical evidence and scientific methods may not provide all the answers yet, but they do far better than the campfire tales of nomadic shepherds.

    It is unfortunate that programs of this sort are often scheduled between Von Daniken and Hall Lindsey crap, which is about as authoritative as "Tales From The Crypt."

  • tdogg

    Larc, I was talking about the show running man saw. It was called 'In Search of Eden' or something like that. Nothing to do with Adam and Eve, just about where the fabled Garden was located. It was a waste of time. Dont get all riled up now, the Discovery Channel program crownboy is talking about was very good.

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