OMG Have you seen this?? This site is sooo hysterical. It reminds me of The Onion, but for exJW's

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  • Vidiot

    Reminds me of "The Witchtower".

  • suavojr

    great site! Thanks

  • noni1974

    Ok so I read the grandma story today and I am impressed with how the writer makes you want to scream at the screen while reading the article yet I can totally see this happening to an elderly person. I mean JW's are totally about what have you done for jehovah lately and I can just see all those years of faithful service going out the window in a heart beat. So sad, yet so true in so many levels. Just think about all those faithful pioneers who put in all those hours going out in service only to have it forgotten in a few months if they can no longer put in those hours anymore. Think about the elders who sacrifice time and energy trying to help people only to be kicked to the curb when they need extra hours at work or have a teenager that isn't perfect. Think about all those elderly people that lived most of their lives at Bethel only to be put put to pasture with no retirement because Bethel is doing cut backs. Wow!

  • steve2

    Please don't call it self-serving fabrication - it is utter coincidence: My lovely cat, Tiddles, has started studying with the Witnesses and threatens to attend meetings soon. She's given me the hard word: Repent or you will be shunned. I think this is cruel - but is this a first? I heard about the girl shunning her cat, but I have never ever heard about a cat shunning a human - and the very person who feeds and loves her!

    Please, friends, prove to me this site is supportive: What do you suggest I do? Sitting in the back row of the local kingdom hall with Tiddles would simply be a step too far for me - yet what else can I do? Help!

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  • Justnowout

    Lol... I just found this one On christian maturity.... It does read like sd-7!

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