Don't Allow Common "John and Jane Doe" (spiritually dead) to Corporate Broadcast! Keep us Clean!

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  • jhine

    Edmond , what is the current light on feet washing ? That has passed me by somehow .

  • hamsterbait

    Connie -

    You are an evil distraction from important things. Who in hell cares about the Gibbering Buddies??

    There has been far, far, too little talk or reports of smoking, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, homosex and cruelty to small furry creatures.

    This must change.

    SIMON - ban this chatterer!!

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes


    The current light on feet washing is explained in a very old edition of the Awake before it went technicolor .Under the heading Bazooka that Varuka you will also notice under the title Dr Rutherfords Remedies a cure for plantar faschitous is explained with much emphasis placed on the need for not falling into the habit of the pioneer shuffle as is to be avoided at all cost because this will delay the onset of Armageddon due to not as many people hearing the Good News at the right time and more importantly it causes loss of revenue through low book placements or sales as they didn't like to call it.

    As for this little piggy went to market washing per se the GB now consider the practice to be tainted with paganism ever since the Accrington clog dancers jigged round the maypole once too often every spring time at around 1759 AD.

    It is now considered that feet washing may return after the big A because current light suggests that clogs will then no longer be needed due to the number of perfect feet wandering around.

  • jhine

    thank you Edmond, that has cleared that up nicely . Though I had not realised that Accrington was such a centre for paganism !! The quiet ones that you have to watch .

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Ooooooh the things that go on in Accrington you would not believe and in Ramsbottom it's even worse total Devil may care every Micklemass Eve. so much so the Watchtower has identified it as a no.1 priority for where the need is greatest .

  • AuntConnie

    I wish my cat would bite the little gutter-rat known as HAMSTER-BAIT and leave him for my dogs to piss on! Simon would tell you Hamter-Bait to go and "F" yourself asswipe! Simon does not need useless little Street Rats like you telling him what to do, go get a job and lay off all those anti-psychotic medications, you might get yourself out our your lazy stupor and stop feeling so depressed. Dam lazy people are always telling Simon what he should do, I am telling you to go and F'yourself Hamstershit!

  • Stealth

    Aunt Connie, Did you forget to take your bi-polar meds?

  • jhine

    gosh the things that you learn

  • bigmac

    aye oop---nowt rung wi accrington.

    or ramsbottom

    --or should that be sheeps bottom-?--which reminds me--hi aunt connie xx--i lurrve your posts

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