Running into JWS

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  • seedy3

    I'm in the same boat that billgoat is in, I moved a long ways away from the Congragation that I was DF'd in,infact I was a long way away when they DF'd me. So I never see any Jdubs that know me at all. When they come to the door, I spend time filling their heads with, the truth about the "Truth", but always do it in a manner that they don't suspect I am an Ex-dub myself. So really I have fun with them when I see them. I just wish they wouldn't show up on the mornings, after I had just been out to the bars till 4am, it gets kind of hard to carry on a conversation with a hangover.


  • LyinEyes

    Hey I am wild turkeys wife. I have decided that if anything in life is going to happen it will be at the super wal-mart. I run into all the JW's there. One from our congregation , on the nite of the memorial asked if I was gonna be able to make it. I just looked at her and said nope. End of conversation. She was the one squirmming.
    I have finally decided that I am not the one who is judging , it is them. My door (our door) will always be open to anyone that is reasonable and respectful to us. Which probably wont be many, but I always tell them to come by and see us sometime. Southern hospitality I guess. But there was a part of me , when I saw this JW couple, my heart hurt just a little. I grew up with both of them, and our families were always intertwinded. It saddens me to think that one day they will not speak to me, oh I will live , but I never wanted to be one to be shunned. I used to shun ex jw's, d/f or d/a and I hated doing it, but I sincerly thought that I had to do it or Jehovah would punish me and my family. It always bothered my conscience to be that way. I know that there are some of the JW that will enjoy being assholes to us , but then again I think there will be some that are doing what they are brainwashed to do. That is the sad part about it to me.

  • rmayer32

    In the 13 years I've been out I have only lived in that area for 2 years of it. Before moving to my present location where I thankfully don't run into anyone I know now other then 1 that came to my door a month ago..LOL I ran into a girl I went to school with and her husband at a restaurant. Now when I first DA'd back in 89 she wasn't married and was a friend of mine and he was DF'd himself. Funny thing is I didn't notice them right away but I looked over and caught them staring at me and looking uncomfortable..LOL I couldn't get over how people I hadn't seen in over 10 years could get such an uncomfortable look on their face just by the site of me. So I smiled at them and thought to myself how pathetic the entire JW thing really is.

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