My "Leaving" Letter

by lambsbottom 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Fernando

    It probably depends on your objectives, including keeping a clean conscience, and how you view the inevitable shunning by all.

    I do like The Searcher's suggestions.

    And I like your letter too: short, simple, positive.

  • RoyalFlushPhil

    There are people who left in a Blaze of Glory who regret how they left because others who faded are allowed to share all the wonderful things they learn with witnesses. It's working out well with many who are trying to help draw out witnesses who notice some type of glitch in the Watchtower's Matrix, who knows you might end up being a Trinity or Neo to people coming by your house or ones you see around town. Once they put their tag on you, any chance you have for saving people from their cult is gone!

    Paul said 'he became all things to all people trying to help each group get the needed truth", if you want your minute of time read by the Elders, that's all your going to get. They don't read your letters from the podium and JWs are programmed for the hair on their back to raise up when they see words that are not part of the program their use to. It's not dishonest fading away from this religion if your telling everyone you meet all you learned, it's great Reverse Witnessing and helping their Bible Studies get doubts by realizing they don't read the Bible, only their books.

  • lambsbottom

    Understood, DOC,

    However, how do I live with my conscience. A local JW I still catch up with had complications during his wife's delivery. She wouldn't have a c-section because her counts were low upon admittance to the hospital. If she was in labor any longer, they would have had to do a c-section and she would have died.

    Now I have another JW friend who's wife is pregnant. I feel like I have a responsibility.

    Much love to y'all,


  • SAHS
    Hi “lambsbottom.” I must say that I respect your courage and personal integrity in wanting to submit a formal DA letter. It isn’t for everybody, but if you don’t mind being automatically shunned (at least in theory by most), along with all that entails, then I would say do it. And for all those well-meaning folks here who suggest not doing it at all costs, don’t forget that if it weren’t for those brave XJWs such as Raymond Franz, M. James Penton, Carl Olof Jonsson, William Schnell, etc. “coming out” and publically showing their decision to leave through publishing their own books, then the benefits to their readership in being able to examine the evidence of such candid and poignant exposés would never have been. All those people who were subsequently helped to examine the real facts about the WTS (TTATT) would have been kept in the dark and continuing to wear themselves out on that damn hampster wheel. And that would have been a shame – wouldn’t it?

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