Finally a WT prophecy fulfilled?

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  • Marilyn

    Bang, Why not Big Bang btw? Yes I do see some Biblical application for Jehovah's Witnesses. Let's go with: "Many will come to me in that day saying; Lord did we not prophesy in your name... and perform many powerful works in YOUR NAME.... and yet I will confess to them; I never knew you, get away from me you workers of lawlessness.

    Actually Bang I'm pretty much an athiest, so I guess I don't place too much importance on anything that's said in the Bible.

  • avengers
    the love of the greater number will cool off

    When I look at the org I see that there is no love. Except for a few.

    The ones that still have love will get out. In time I hope.

    The love of the greater number has indeed cooled off.

    And now: "Get out, because her sins have piled up to the heavens". etc...

    edited 'cause it's morning and I'm not awake yet.

  • Francois

    Yes, I believe there are multiple fulfillments which apply only to the type/anti-type in typical fashion. This happens when the UN is humping the great scarlet-colored beast from behind, doggie fashion, while the world empire of false religion is giving Kofi Anan a blow job, along with all the other G-8 leaders. Multiple blowjobs and simultaneous orgasims which cause the ten horny diadems to slip off to the left and land in the Watchtower's lap. They immediately take these diadems to Moshe's Pawn Shop & Charm School, where Moshe rips them off to the tune of about twenty-five sheckels a diadem. But the GB, all goyim, don't have a clue. They go back to the WT boardroom and light up some incense and the spirit of Sammy Davis Junior lights up and he sings "Candyman" just so it can be said that the prophecy has reached its fullfilment about the disgusting thing singing in a place where he ought not.

    By God, if that's not a WT prophecy being fulfilled, I'll eat my hat. Or better yet I'll eat your hat. Or Sammy Davis Junior's hat. Who cares? The prophecy isn't clear on that point of whose hat gets eaten. And it really doesn't matter, because the end is coming soon, maybe tomorrow. And when it does no doubt Sammy Davis Junior will be resurrected. He will then go immediately on the Ed Sullivan Show (also resurrected) where he will hump May Brit doggy style on national television while singing "Great Balls on Fire" with Jerry Lee Lewis doing piano accompaniment.

    But the point here is that NO LOVE IS COOLED OFF. Everyone sees the end coming and so each and every person who can draw breath gets to humping and bumping as furiously as possible with whomever and whatever is available. Cats and dogs will live together. It will rain mice and barn owls, but there will be NO love cooling off anywhere.

    Just my two cents worth. But it's a full two cents. No messing around.


  • Amazing

    People in general were complaiing about the love of neighbor cooling off since I was a kid ... in the 1950s. Reading history going back to the time of Rome such tings are said, accompanied with complaints of the younger generation being more rebellious. I just don't know how all the generations of love cooling since the time of Christ manages to fulfil any prophecy. It seems like a common human experience, and something more noticeable as we get older.

  • belbab

    Back in the sixties or very early seventies the Watchtower applied this text the love of the greater number would cool offto Jehovah's Witnesses. I used to tell Witnesses this and they had a hard time believing it.

    I wish someone who has the WT library could look up this text in the magazines and post it here. I don't have access anymore.


  • hillary_step

    This scripture could not of course apply to the 'wordly' losing their 'love', as the love that they cool from is 'agape' love. This love is unique to those who are, or have been intimate with Gods ways.

    Jesus disciples obviously understood this to mean what Jesus meant it to mean, that the Jewish nation would diminish in its respect for God before the Temple was nastily bamboozled in 70CE.


  • FrankRaven

    Christ made that prophecy


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