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  • AGuest

    May you all have peace!

    There is a phenomenon that exists here that SMACKS of WTBTS false propaganda and rhetoric... that I am compelled, by the spirit of my Father, JAH OF ARMIES, by means of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, to speak on it, if you will permit me. Thank you.

    Is it okay for one to say one... is... is of the... has been... 'anointed'?

    Absolutely, it is. Please let me explain. In TRUTH, it the very VOCATION of the WTBTS... the purpose for its institution by the Adversary to STOP the profession of such a thing. It is their VOCATION, by means of the one who drives them to:

    1. Limit the number of those who are/can be anointed...

    2. Shut the door upon those who they do not recognized as anointed...

    3. Stifle and censor any and all who speak out as one who has been anointed.

    It is their VOCATION, dear ones... the very reason they have come into existence... to MISLEAD IF POSSIBLE... and if possible... KILL... the chosen ones. How do they do this? Although saying that they do NOT:

    1. Do not profess to be anointed, for they will ostracize you.

    2. Do not profess to be anointed, for they will persecute you.

    3. Do not profess to be anointed, for they will expel you.

    4. Do not profess to be anointed, for they will slander you.

    5. Do not profess to be anointed, for they will do whatever is in their power to 'kill' you... spiritually.

    Their leaders are the scribes and Pharisees of THIS 'generation'... who conduct themselves in the same manner as their forefathers, who say, "If the prophets were sent to US... WE would not kill them." And yet, like their forefathers, those who killed or attempted to kill EVERY prophet sent to them... EVERY 'chosen' one... including my Lord... they, too, carry such bloodguilt. For a prophet IS an 'anointed' one, one CHOSEN... and sent... by God, through Christ... to speak to the House of Israel. And as from Cain until now, such ones do NOT listen... but instead seek ways to silence any sent to speak to them or any that THEY feel may be exalted above them... even in the face of their own 'error'.

    Tell me, dear ones... how can one BE anointed... and not profess it? Is not failing to profess it the same as passing the wine and bread by... which is the same as DENYING AND/OR REJECTING THE VERY OWNER THAT BOUGHT YOU?

    True, one who has truly received the promised holy spirit does not go about BRAGGING of it... or demanding favortism (or even accepting such) by reason of it. They do not go blowing a trumpet, as my Lord did not go blowing one.

    However... LIKE my Lord, such ones do NOT deny who and what they are, but rather, REJOICE in such 'gift', and are ready to make a defense before ALL who demand of them a reason for their hope. Such reason... dear ones... IS that very anointing. For without an anointing, a choosing, the receipt of holy spirit... such one HAS no hope!

    We are NOT to put our lights 'under a basket'... but let them SHINE... before men. Contrary to what earthling man... and particularly the leaders of the WTBTS wish you to believe... there is NO SHAME in having received the promised holy spirit. Rather... there is a REJOICING... to the point of wanting to tell OTHERS about it... and share in it WITH them.

    If, however, you can never profess what you have received, how then can you tell others of it and invite them, too, to:

    "COME! Take 'life's water' free!"?

    For those of you who find this contradictory to what you have been taught, and thus, at THIS time believe, I give you the words of my Lord as recorded at Matthew 10:

    "He that is ashamed of ME before men,
    I will be ashamed of HIM... before my Father."

    Therefore, I implore you... REJOICE IN THE FAITH... CONFESS IT... and do NOT hide your light under a basket. BUT... keep an eye on yourself and be careful not to PRACTICE YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS before men IN ORDER TO BE OBSERVED BY THEM. Rather, go making your GIFTS OF MERCY... in secret... while giving the glory of THAT... to God.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Hyghlandyr

    WOW! Well said Aguest. You have expresed the christian faith as I understand it. It seems to have a leaning towards creation centered theology, with the acceptance of the annointing from the Lord. I am keenly interested in your posts since I have really noticed them on the reparations thread, they are well put together.

    I have a question and a comment along the lines of this thread. While not being a christian now, when I was a christian, I was of the understanding, that once my sins were forgive, they were eliminated. Gone. They no longer existed. They were not called to mind, nor could I ever be called to account for them. This is not to say that I could not sin in the future. However of course then I had the propitiatory sacrifice, the cross, to keep me in a countinuing cycle of sinlessness.

    When I became a christian (preJW christian) I was a new creature, a new being, a cleansed, and thus sinless creature. I was as close to perfection as a human being could become, (as were all other christians btw) by virtue, not of my own actions, but by grace. Pelagius held the thought that we could live sin free. But if we did not, we still had of course grace. Which, when we did sin, simply placed us again into a sinfree condition. Almost a starting over day by day. It has been a while since I read them, but I believe Paul? said something about renewing the spirit. And this is how I took it. A constant renewing.

    I was by no means a 'once saved always saved' believer. I held that you could, if you chose, reject your salvation. But sinning was not a rejection, since most (all?) do that daily. Nor did the degree of sin indicate a rejection perse. But a conscious choice to cease being a follower of the Lord.

    I am curious then, as to whether this is in any way a tiny synopsis of what your faith is as well. Does being annointed, (as I was) not mean that you are then, each time, day, that you are renewed, thus sinfree?

  • AGuest

    Dearest Hylanddyr... may you have peace!

    Yes, what I know and understand is quite close to what you have expressed.

    When one receives holy spirit, the 'bath that cleanses', one's sins are 'washed away'... or 'covered'. Thus, such one becomes 'clean'... or 'perfect', for such one is now sinLESS or 'without sin'. There is NOTHING one can DO to receive this 'grace', however, other than keeping the Law perfectly, and none of US can do that. Rather, one only needs ASK... and exercise faith that my Lord WILL do it because he WANTS to and for no other reason... and one will receive.

    Does such 'bath' cleanse perpetually? No. We must always confess our sins and ASK forgiveness, as they occur. You cannot receive what you do not ASK for. On the other hand, even if one has been cleansed... and has not yet again committed an 'error'... or 'sinned'... one can have his/her sins REMEMBERED... by doing an injustice.

    Ezekiel 3:20, 21

    I am a sinner, dear Hygh... one of the foremost. I have not hidden that but have confessed it here more than once. So, I KNOW that I received my gift due SOLELY to grace... undeserved kindness... versus anything I could have said or done. My flesh is not completely subject to my spirit. I wish it were, TRULY... but... I have had to accept the fact that it is not... and might never be. BUT... I have a ransom. I can go to my Father, through my Lord, and ask Him... again and again and again... to exercise loving kindness and MERCY... and overlook my error, allowing my Lord to cover it. And He will... because, as my high priest, my Lord will seek His face on my behalf and ask FOR me. Why? Because... he 'wants' to.

    What does He, God, require in return? Although to some it might seem like a lot, to ME very little. Nothing more than I:

    1. Exercise faith in the One that speaks to me, and LISTEN to his voice and speaks what he tells me to whomever he tells me to speak it;

    John 10:1-6, 27
    Hebrews 12:25
    Matthew 10:26, 27
    Ezekiel 3:17-21
    Matthew 17:3

    2. That I do not hide myself from that One, but rather confess my errors so as to be reproved and disciplined... which means TRAINED and NOT punished! for God disciplines... and FORGIVES... ALL those He calls 'sons', and in SOME cases, allows the 'error' to exist by allowing it to be 'covered' it, or 'cleansed', by the blood of Christ, so that it is no longer an 'error' before Him... simply because He and Christ CAN... and 'want to' (I give you David who STILL has a seat at my Lord's table in his kingdom...);

    John 3:19, 20
    Hebrews 12:4-11
    Genesis 3:8
    Psalm 32:1-5
    Psalm 51
    Psalm 130:3,4

    3. That I confess HIM (that he is the TRUTH and is my Lord)... and confess the gift he has bestowed upon me... before ALL men;

    John 12:42
    Matthew 10:32, 33, 37
    John 6:56
    1 Corinthians 12:10

    4. That I, too, go 'releasing', showing mercy toward and forgiving ALL those that ask it of me... and those that don't...

    John 20:22, 23
    Luke 6:37
    Matthew 7:1
    Luke 6:27-30
    Matthew 5:43-48

    5. That I eat his flesh and drink his blood... in FAITH... knowing that in a spiritual sense it is the 'true food and true drink' by which I live... spiritually...

    John 6:48-55

    6. And that I 'fast'... DAILY... which 'fast' is not what most think and certainly not what the scribes and Pharisees of the WTBTS teach fasting is...

    Isaiah 58:5-7

    Bottom line? It can be summed up in the words of Isaiah:

    "IF in view of the sabbath...

    (which simply means God's day of 'rest' and which can be EVERY day, by means of Christ...)

    "... you will turn back your foot as regards
    doing your OWN delights on my holy day... and
    will actually CALL the sabbath...

    (this 'resting' which we are "led into" by "Joshua" - JAHESHUA)

    "... an EXQUISITE DELIGHT, a holy day of JAH...
    one being GLORIFIED... and will ACTUALLY glorify
    it rather than doing your OWN delight, rather than
    finding what delights YOU and speaking a word...

    "... you will in THAT case find YOUR exquisite
    delight... IN JAH...

    "... and I [HE] will make YOU ride upon the high
    places of the earth; and I [HE] will cause YOU to
    eat from the hereditary possession of Jacob your

    "... for the mouth of JAH itself has spoken it."

    Isaiah 58:13, 14

    We live in a time where being a 'christian' is almost a dirty word. And no wonder... for 'christianity' has sullied not only the name, but the true description, purpose and requirements for such 'anointing', or calling and choosing. They have used that designation NOT for its true purpose, but to bind heavy loads on men that they themselves cannot carry. Unfortunately for them, it will not 'go well' with them.

    I hope I have answered your questions, Hygh. I bid you peace.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Farkel

    : There is a phenomenon that exists here that SMACKS of WTBTS false propaganda and rhetoric... that I am compelled, by the spirit of my Father, JAH OF ARMIES, by means of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH, to speak on it, if you will permit me. Thank you.

    Wait! You never gave us a chance to "permit you." Is this some kind of trick?

    : that I am compelled, by the spirit of my Father, JAH OF ARMIES,

    You need a God who's not in the military. Military Gods are nasty Gods. They war against puny humans and all other creatures they created who HAVE to be inferior to them. Military Gods will win every time and they know it. Find a God where the odds are a little better for humans, ok?

    : by means of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH,

    It would also help to find a Lord with a name that people could actually pronounce. Heck, Darrell Hannah's mermaid name in the movie "Splash" was easier to prounounce than "JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH!" That name sounds like someone trying to flush out some serious phlegm.


  • AGuest

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Why you 'messin' wit me, Daddy-O? Peace to you, you Grinch, you!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

    No, trick; just tryin' to be po-lite. And "army" does not necessarily represent military; in fact, in THIS case, it actually refers to strength... and numbers... versus, say, ummmm... brawn. But being a GUY, I can see how you would take it that way.

    Oh, and my Lord's name is QUITE easy to pronounce in English. Can you say "Joshua"? There. See? Easy. Even for someone suffering from the grumps, like yourself.

    PEACE, beloved one!!

    Your servant, friend... and a slave of Christ,


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Shelby,

    There's another possibility that you may have overlooked, and that is that poor Lotus wasn't being persecuted for Christ's sake so much as for bad behavior.

    One difficulty that pops up here sometimes is that a thread will begin discussing the "JW experience" and someone will jump in and try to make it a discussion of "Christian Theology." I think that as an XJW yourself, you've been good about not doing this, and I understand that your personal experience is beyond the "authorized" JW experience.

    When Lotus posted her first "A- word" thread - which I think was her first post here ever - with the subject ALL IN CAPS, I took it as her copping an attitude and saying "I'm SUPERIOR to you folks, I WILL NOT "associate" with some of you, and be careful that you do not OFFEND me."

    If someone came in here posting a message like, "SUPERIOR INTELLECT BIDS YOU BOW BEFORE HIM" and went on to tell you about his MENSA membership and his highly developed sensitivities and his discriminating taste in associates, a reader of such a message might get a bit annoyed.

    My response to Lotus could have been summed up in seven letters and a space, but I decided to be more verbose with my mockery of her and her allegded "calling."

    Maybe my perception of an "attitude" problem was in error, but I doubt it. I think she was a troll, possibly MavMan. Where's Lotus been?

  • teejay

    In TRUTH, it the very VOCATION of the WTBTS... the purpose for its institution by the Adversary to STOP the profession of such a thing.

    Hi Shelby. What up?

    IF the bible really is the unerring Word of God...

    ... and IF Jesus came in That One’s name, speaking truth...

    ... and IF part of that truth is that “all those who believe on him shall be saved”...

    ... and IF such salvation means miraculous transformation at bodily death into immortal, spirit form...

    ... then you have a very good point. The WTS would very well then be a product of demonic creation.

    Well said!


  • og

    The problem with anyone claiming to be of the anointed, at least on this board, is that the term is far too loaded. The WS essentially requires worship of the anointed, as represented by the KGB (Kingdom Governing Body). I think a lot of these nutbars are really trying to discuss the born-again experience. Also, AGuest confounds the issue by referring to others as "Dear Ones" which basically makes my blood boil.

    Anoint this, dear one. Oops, I'm getting angry again.

  • FrankRaven

    I discovered something,When I mention Luke 24:39,Witnesses denie that Christ had flesh and bones.They say that Christ came back as a spirit.When I do mention that Christ said Himself that He wasn't a spirit in that passage,they denie that it's there.I wouldn't believe that they would say that unless I saw it myself.So I truly believe that many witnesses have been blinded by the god of this system(Satan).There is just no other explanation.


  • AGuest

    Dearest Nathan... peace to you and may I say that with regard to your response, perhaps I responded to a matter before hearing it. Since doing such is 'what lies with the stupid ones', may I offer that I was actually responding to other threads and had absolutely no idea as to what Lotus said or what prompted the matter of ones thinking that perhaps 'anointed' think themselves special. I chose not to go searching for the origin, but simply obeyed my Lord when he told me to speak as I did. I apologize if you think I was out of line, but I just couldn't let the WTBTS teaching of silencing such ones by making them ASHAMED of their hope happen here.

    Dearest Teej... peace to you, my brutha! Oh, and BTW, the "Bible" is NOT the word of God, unerring or otherwise. It itself TELLS us what... or rather WHO... that Word is. However, you are correct in what the "organization" is.

    Dear Frank... peace to you as well... and that matter was addressed previously. My Lord was 'sown' (buried) in the flesh, raised up a spirit... but PUT ON flesh... in order to make himself manifest to his disciples. Thus, by means of SPIRIT, he could enter in among them, through doors, literally. By means of FLESH, he could show himself to Thomas has having been pierced.

    Peace to you all!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


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