Another Weekend Poll from Ozzie

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  • sleepy


  • Hyghlandyr

    Um, other...spending 80% of my time on this couch. Adventuring was great while it lasted, but I enjoy being a hobbit, and hope to be one the rest of my unnatural life.

  • Dutchie

    Sleeping late on Saturdays and Sundays.

    I am more well rested than I have ever been in my life and it shows in my secuar work.

  • JeffT

    All except number one. I don't look very good in short skirts.

    Also the holidays are great. I find they mean a lot more to me now.

    Princess, we spent last weekend in Port Townsend. Had a great time. There a some wonderful places to stay in that part of the state.

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Hi you're up bright'n'early

    1. Wearing a short skirt. - only in the summer

    2. Not wearing a tie!- Not Applicable

    3. Not having to fidget during the National Anthem.- I'll know at the Anzac parade.

    4. Not having to explain why you didn't vote! - I am still struggling with this one, have to start from scratch learning who's who in the political arena.

    5. Accepting people as they are. - this one. Born Again Christians are really quite nice people.

    6. Enjoying being with your family at the weekend instead of the early start to get the kids ready for Field Service/Meetings. (All in your 'Sunday best' of course! - favourite thing of all. Now, instead, we go to watch my son play 'Rugby League' on weekends. Much more rewarding. OR...if watching Aussie Rules..its gotta be the Doggies...woof woof...go Doggies!!!!!

    7. Going to university.- YES...did that for 2 yrs.

    8. Growing a beard.- You saw the 'lady shave' in my bathroom didn't u??

    9. Attending other churches. - Not Applicable - had enough.

    10. Saying to the Dubs when they call "I'm not interested"!- Not Applicable - they haven't called on me yet. Slack I tell ya.

    11. Not having to give another talk in the Ministry School. YES - and not having to type up the Ministry School Schedule.

    12. Shunning the Dubs in the supermarket.- Not Applicable - I moved away...don't know the dubs here unless they are reading a WT in the car park.

    13. Knowing you are 'good enough'. YES - and by jingoes I am!

    14. FREEDOM - YES - and I'm soaking in every second of it lavishly.

    15. Other (please give details)- Pagan holidays - love xmas, b/days and easter - and I love Mother's Day which is next month

    Watching any movie I want - although I shy away from the horror themes

    I certainly don't miss the following::

    Day's Text at 7.30am
    Getting lounge room ready for book study - what a drag
    Kingdom Hall cleaning
    Doing the flowers for Sunday's Meeting
    Competing with other parents with my kids answers - it happens!
    Returning on a Return Visit who isn't home
    Always carrying a bible in the car
    Always thinking each stranger was a potential bible study
    Having conflicts with teachers about saluting the flag/singing happy birthday in school/participating in school plays with pagan origins/removing children from religious instructions *sigh*

    I can go on and on can't I???


  • DB

    Ozzie, I am still a jw and active, but I will respond in a slightly modified manner:
    Now that I am no longer an elder I:

    Enjoy seeing my daughter participate in track and field for her school.

    Enjoy finally having some ease on weekends instead of cramming all my work/chores in so that I could lead out in servive each Saturday and two/three Sundays each months.

    Enjoy not having my decision-making affected by what others might think of the example I was setting.

    Enjoy not having to prepare and deliver talk after talk after service meeting part after talk, etc, etc.

    Enjoy not having to prepare to conduct the bookstudy.

    Enjoy not feeling guilty about not having a family study.

    Enjoy not having to prepare to conduct the Theocratic School (I spent most of my years as an elder doing the second school and was also School Overseer). It is absolutely a miserable meeting to prepare for, and then there were always the unexpected no-shows and cancellations that made each week stressful.

    Enjoy not having to give up the things I enjoy, like watching a ball game, in favor of meeting preperation or study or some of the things I mentioned above.

    Enjoy not having to sit in judgement of my brothers and sisters, whom I am no better than in any way whatsoever.

    Enjoy not having to send my family home without me late at night for the elder's meetings and other matters that had to be handled.

    Thanks Ozzie, good post.

  • Princess

    JT, did you stay in a B&B? They have some really nice places in Pt Townsend I hear. Never been, must go!

    How did I miss #1, short skirt? Not that it stopped me. They counseled the Prince for the length of my skirts, and then one of the elders was always hitting on me. Perv. I do wear them even shorter now though!

    Anyway, back from the beach. The kids had a ball. The men shucked dozens of oysters for dinner Sunday. Mulan and I cooked burgers and then drank coffee while the kids played. Nice Saturday overall I'd say.


  • Prisca

    1. Wearing a short skirt. Haven't got the legs for short skirts but I don't care about splits in skirts anymore.

    2. Not wearing a tie! n/a

    3. Not having to fidget during the National Anthem. I always enjoyed the lyrics, now I can sing them!

    4. Not having to explain why you didn't vote! Never bothered me having to put that explanation on the "please explain" form, but it is a great feeling being able to have a say in how the country is run.

    5. Accepting people as they are. Definitely!

    6. Enjoying being with your family at the weekend instead of the early start to get the kids ready for Field Service/Meetings. (All in your 'Sunday best' of course! Add to that sleeping in.

    7. Going to university. I'd like to do a course one day in the future.

    8. Growing a beard. I don't have any desire to grow a beard!

    9. Attending other churches. Have done, but don't consider myself part of any organised religion.

    10. Saying to the Dubs when they call "I'm not interested"! Haven't seen them around my place for ages; mustn't have the numbers to get the territory covered as quickly as they once did!

    11. Not having to give another talk in the Ministry School. Hooray

    12. Shunning the Dubs in the supermarket. Only the ones I don't like.

    13. Knowing you are 'good enough'. Finally!

    14. FREEDOM YES!!!

    15. Other (please give details) I agree with Dutchie - I was always over-tired as a JW. Now, I can sleep-in on the weekends, and I feel soooo much better.

    I am much happier with my life. I am more focused in making major decisions, because I am not putting my life on hold in the belief that Armageddon is "just around the corner".


  • Mulan

    All but 7, 8 and 9. I even wore short skirts, when I wore skirts. Now I rarely wear them. Haven't had on high heels since my aunt's funeral two years ago,...........not at a KH.

    I haven't done #10, but I will if they ever come here. Hahahaha.

    Marilyn (aka Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

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