Can you ever help these people?

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  • sleepy

    Can you ever help these people?

    You show them why the society is wrong on prohecy, theres no authority for the GB, mistakes and changes and how they have damaged lives, and everything else you can think of .
    And what do they say.

    "Does it really matter? It is the truth and there no where else to go"

    What is going on in their heads?

  • Doc_jedd


  • Marilyn

    I agree. It's a worry alright.

  • flower

    to be honest whats going through their head is all the things that they have been brainwashed to believe. people who are victims of mind control do not have normal thinking ability and will fight against their own thoughts and feelings as they are commanded to do. they are commanded to avoid independent thinking.

    its not as simple as just giving them proof and them walking away.

    its like convincing a schizophrenic that their hallucinations are not real. or like telling you life long spouse is a spy from another country.

    anything that changes ones whole perception of reality is going to disbelieved at first. even more so in the case of finding out you are in a cult because every aspect of your life affected.

    theres good books on cult mind control if your interested in 'what is going on in their heads'.


  • Francois

    JWs and members of other cults have got cognitive dissonance under control big time. It requires a special lack of intellectual integrity to do it, but there it is.

  • Carmel

    I would think you could step back and ask them to define exactly what is the criteria of truth and how can it be biblically defined. Once you have that established, then it becomes easier to lead them into a series of contradictions of which you mentioned a couple. Takes some time and they have to be searching for what is biblical truth or else you are wasting your energy.

    Most likely, since most peoples' religion is based on emotion rather than logic, their motivation to listen and learn will only come after a crisis in their lives that shakes up their emotional attachments. Why do you think preachers and the witnesses go to the prisons and hospitals? That's when a person is emotionally volnurable and can be hoodwinked..kind of like why the military only wants young kids. They can be propagandized, plain and simple.

    Waiting for the personal crisis though can take a while.


  • LizardSnot

    I agree with Doc_jedd ...its fear.

  • julien

    The problem is that witlesses are trained to believe that apostates have a supernatural power (courtesy of Satan) to trick them. So no matter how logical a case you make, it is chalked up to deception. A witnesses will then disregard his/her own reasoning at that point, accepting that what an apostate says is by definition not true, despite how true it may sound. I never fully bought into this crapola as a JW. For me just the fact the society was so desperate to hide this information was so fishy I had to check it out.

  • flower


    very true. even though i was df'd and posting on this site i never beleived anything said here. lol. i was just fascinated that the society was right and there actually WAS a whole society of evil apostates out here trying to get jw's away from the 'truth'.

    i ordered crisis of conscience and read it and kept going back and forth from the fact that it was so believable that it couldnt be anything but the truth to the fact that 'wow these apostates were GOOD to be able to do this'. The latter thought of course not holding any weight or making any sense. It took me weeks to stop flip floping and even now 4 months later and knowing the real truth, I cant get rid of those rare little twinges of 'what if they are right'.

    jws think absolutely any thing could be a deception when it comes to apostates.


  • Xenu

    There is no mind control. There is no brainwashing. Those who have doubts within the Jehovah Kingdom Hall choose to investigate or choose to move on. The consequences of leaving the Jehovah Kingdom Hall were made manifest before the were reborn in water.

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