may 10th study: what a site to see all the brain washed zombies buying into all the lies and being lead to the slaughter

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  • smiddy

    Types and anti-types were considered "truths" when they were taught by C.T Russell and also by "Judge" Rutherford ".Truths" from Almighty God Jehovah and his son Christ Jesus no less.

    Hundreds if not thousands of articles , books , tracts, pamphlets , were distributed by these two men alone as well as Assemblies , Conventions , preaching " types and anti-types" with their religious ideas promoting them as " truths" .

    A truth stands the test of time , if it does not , then it is either a falsehood , an error , or an outright lie.

    So then , should we not conclude that the foundation of the Jehovah witness / International Bible Students Association is built on a foundation of error ? A foundation that is not based on TRUTH ? FACTS ? but is based on Types and anti-types that are even now discarded by the WTB&TS ?

    If most , if not all of C.T. Russells and J.F. Rutherfords teachings are discredited now , what does that say about the Chief cornerstone of their religion ,the foundation of their religion .?

    Jehovah Witnesses used this very same argument against the Roman Catholic Church in the 1960`s/70`s in a W.T article , well I use the same article against them in 2015

    What is your foundation built on .


  • BluesBrother

    The experience in this family was somewhat different . These older ones were bristling with anger and frustration over this article:

    "No need to talk to us like children! " - I heard... " I hate it when they trash the past" was another. It was pretty dire , wasn't it?

    P2 " Jesus taught his followers to be like children"

    P4"Jehovah's organization has increased emphasis on simplicity and clarity" ....A simplified Watchtower , for dummies?? The 2013 NWT Bible, now uses fewer words....They sacrifice accurate translation with fine shade of meaning for simple readability and easy translation. The Recent new understandings....Have they really made it clearer? Not to me. Now they don't want to talk about types and anti types The reasoning is just illogical P 8 says " Can we conclude that every character and event ....foreshadows something"? Well they never did, That is a "straw man " false argument.

    And so it goes on for 15 paragraphs , destroying the "wonderful studies" that older ones grew up on ..stuff that convinced them that this Org. knew something about the scriptures...Of course it was all B . S. but it still made them feel good. Now it is all destroyed.

  • stillin

    Blues Brother, I can relate to the blues you are singing. It's so true that at least the Witnesses had to work their brains to follow some of the more difficult lessons that were along the "type/anti type" lines of thought. Yes it was all crap, it's about time that they came clean on that! But the friends tried SO hard to get it!

    I made the comment to a friend after the meeting that some of that old stuff was just the JW way of being high-minded and intellectual. She said that those things must have been what we needed at the time.


  • Crazyguy
    "Now we need to be dumb as rocks"
  • redvip2000

    One of my wife's friends stopped I've afterwards and made the comment that believing all of those mistakes must have been just what Jehovah's people need at that point in time, therefor the incredible growth of the Organization.

    I've heard this nonsense too. Or another favorite is to say that those folks were simply not ready for the truth, and so Jehoober allowed them to believe in some errors for a period of time. You can't win.

  • Splash

    So what we were told was meat and solid food turns out to be tainted milk.

    Worse than that, if we use the same measure that the WT uses for other religions, we were taught expressions of demons and vile falsehoods.

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