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  • Realist

    brief question: if the sin committed by adam and eve is responsible for suffering how can one explain the fact that animals died long before that event? or are animals not considered to suffer?

  • Pardus

    I think the Bible says that animals didn't suffer before Adam and Eve's sin. Apparently they all just lived together peacefully in some way that we can't comprehend.

  • Realist

    but animals died long before Adam and Eve were even created (otherwise Dinosaurs and other long extinct species would have lived with them in eden)... hence there must have been suffering of these animals before the original sin. am i missing something?

  • flower

    um yea you are missing the fact that the bible is bs.


  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    haha flower, right on!

    let me dream inside you

  • Realist

    :) as a biologist i am aware of that flower :) still, i would like to know how witnesses explain that.

  • seven006

    Because of recent technological advancement the facts about what happened to the dinosaurs is becoming more evident. Infrared as well as radio photos taken by satellites have shown where a very large asteroid hit earth in the gulf of Mexico. This asteroid collision would have sent an extremely large cloud of dust that encircled the earth cutting off life giving sunlight to earths vegetation. Once the plants were gone the dinosaurs were soon to follow.

    Several natural occurring events that cause dust clouds to cover parts of the earth have happened several times here. The most recent that a lot of us remember is the eruption of Mt. St.Helens. An ash cloud from that eruption traveled over the earth and here in the Northwest it certainly blocked out the sun light. That eruption and resulting cloud cover was tiny in comparison to the one that killed the dinosaurs.

    All anyone has to do is look up at the moon to see the craters from meteorites and asteroids that caused damage large enough for us to see with our naked eye. Any one of the asteroids that caused even the tinniest one of the moons craters wild completely destroy the earth if it hit us. The cloud cover from the asteroid that cut off the sunlight and eliminated the dinosaurs can also serve as an explanation for the biblical myth about the earths creation and the cloud cover that supposedly was here when Adam and Eve lived. The bible myth about it never raining before the flood is ridiculous and except for natural springs that are fed by melting snow pack science has never seen any evidence of water miraculously coming up from the ground to water plants beforehand, No one in history has ever seen water manufactured from dirt. If I am mistaken on this point please show evidence of my statement being wrong and I will recant.

    A real sobering fact is there are thousands of asteroids and meteorites that orbit the earth an a daily basis. Many of them are pulled into our atmosphere and depending on their size usually get burned up in entry. One that would be the size of the one that hit the gulf of Mexico would not burn up and it is very likely that this kind of event will happen again. Even though there are billions of dollars spent on religion and billions of people who follow those religions as a form of salvation there are only about 25 people around the world that look for these near earth orbit obstacles.

    One very large meteorite hitting the earth and its all over. No god, no book, and no religion can stop it. Yet, we only have 25 people searching outer space for one of these thousands of possible asteroids that may hit. Their budget is very small and their job is extremely important. It just shows how religion and their little books only deal with myth and old stories while the reality of a very possible world wide destructive event goes by mostly ignored.


  • Solace

    I feel that believing in the bible and believing in religion are two different things.
    I believe the bible is Gods word.
    I do not believe religion is from God.
    Im not telling anyone else to believe it.
    That is what I choose to believe.

    Does that make me stupid?

  • Realist

    don't worry too much about the asteroids. you are right, they are on of the very view things that pose a real threat to humankind but fortunately the probability that one hits us during the next century, before we have developed efficient defense mechanisms, is very small. right now it wouldn't help much to discover one thats heading towards us since we don't have the technology to devert such a large object.
    about the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs...this was about 60 million years before the first hominids appeared...therefore it cannot serve as the source for the biblical myth since noone was there to record these events.

  • Realist

    @ Heaven:
    it doesn't make you stupid! i know intelligent people who believe in the bible...but you should ask yourself what evidence there is to support your point of view.

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