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  • lotus

    Hello, this is Lotus JW HH {heavenly hope} I'm sorry you all are hurting, but why are you so mean to me? Im not a wild pig in the African Savanah! and you are gathering in packs I see......LOL. Please, so I'm checking this site out, I am trying to see what you have to say.
    One thing comes up most often, wondering and doubts why a REAL JW Anointed would come to this site and listen. I have been through a lot. Do you think I am conventional? I have been through fourteen tortuous years of depression because of current understanding .I studied starting at age 19 and wondered what was wrong with me, I never had the earthly hope. but was told I HAD TO. I went through such a hard time, never got baptized and felt like I was going crazy because I knew deep inside I had the heavenly hope. I spent many sleepless nights crying, and even wanted to check myself in the "Almond Joy" hospital ward, because "sometimes you feel like a nut and MOST often you don't. The earthly hopes are the "MOUNDS," they don't have the nuts, but I knew I was an ALMOND JOY. What to do, what to do?
    So many elders came to counsel me, because I was not yet even baptized. I had secretly told the sister I was studying with, my feelings and asked her not to tell, but she did. They told me about replacements, but said, it would be someone "with decades of exp" not someone like you, you would be chosen by God. Sisters said, "God would have chosen the circuit overseer before you"
    Well God chose the "foolish, weak, and the things looked down upon" to bring down the no flesh may boast in the site of God. " 1 Cor 1:26-29 Jah hates pride so he sees everything.
    I want to love people and do not agree the "CALL" ended in 1935.
    It says that Abraham's seed would be chosen out of all nations so would a Chinese person not be eligible. "Sorry you're Chinese, and born at the wrong time, so you can't be one of the Anointed"
    Also would a person who died today from a drug overdose, aids or a DUI car wreck, driveby shooting etc, wake up in the resurection and have a King Priest look down at them {the res. person will have all former memories personality etc and learn how to change in the millenium) and the King Priest saying, "sorry don't know what you been through? I lived in the 1800's," Even early 1900's is so different. Jah is just and fair. It will be logical that people would be chosen for every time period to be good judges for their peers.
    And did you hear that only half anointed ones are considered by the society to be real. Only half, because the rest are younger and from Russia, parts of Africa etc, countries just opened up.
    Just wait and see, more will come out of the Middle East, China. India as well. See, if you all had patience things will change. If you read the history of the Jonadabs you will see that long ago pre 1930's it was bad having the earthly hope, you couldn't even be recognized by the society , then things changed and they were welcomed, But you see, they waited on Jah, they stuck around and were vindicated. That is what I am waiting for, that is why I am still loyal to the society.
    In Daniel 11:35 it talks about Jehovah doing a cleansing and refining work. He did it with Jerusalem, he always does that, but it takes PATIENCE. I know things are far from perfect, but do you neglect to fulfill the comission to preach Matthew 24:14 because of a few people and their imperfections? Whom Jah love he disciplines Hebrew 12:6, He will take care of things.
    I was so scared, my first Memorial, almost choked on the cracker. But had to do the right thing, Why do others hide and partake at home? I did not want to be ashamed, because Jesus said if you were, he would be ashamed of you. I was 33 years old when I first partook.
    I was expecting the worst, Disassociation, teasing etc, counseling, but none of that happened, why? Because they see how hard I try, I go to EVERY meeting, I regular pioneer, I answer and participate. A verse says prove what you yourself are, and What man can Harm you if you are doing good. I did and am richly blessed. I am upset that I am told for fourteen tortuous years I couldn't be one of the anointed, but I stuck in there, the anointed are supposed to be TREES that can't be uprooted by any wind. Why can't you all do the same? When you leave the Org. they would just laugh at you. but if you stay, you prove a better point.
    Why throw the baby out with the bathwater? why move out of a house just because of a leaky roof? Just some questions for thought.
    You have all left pre-maturely. Proverbs 4:8 says the light can get lighter and lighter," but this is for the path of the righteous ones. The narrow path is not easy. Partaking so young was so hard, so scary, but I did not want to throw off my tortue stake and run down the wide path dancing. Things are going well with me, and it can for you too, if you have the faith the size of the mustard grain and go back to the society, then you can grow into a large tree, Matt 17:20 and be able to move mountains. Think about this. You can be the "NEXT GENERATION" if you all only had patience, because it is those that are FAITHFUL to Jehovah and have PATIENCE that inherit the promises. HEB 6:12 in heaven or earth.
    It was so hard for me being so young and partaking at the memorial and remaining a LOYAL witness, but I DID it! I am proof that it is possible to excercise faith when it seems impossible, even if you are an Almond Joy.

  • singsongboi

    dear lotus,

    if i was still an elder, i would not counsel you against partaking, but talk warmly of the responsibilities...

    truly, i would see it as between you and god!!

    however, i am now NOT an elder, and will NEVER,NEVER ever be one again!!!

    so now, in the reality of this life, could i suggest to you (not counsel), that you go and take a panadol, have a nice cup of green tea and long lie down.....

    stp worriing about the those who roam the wilderness of cyberspace and see pixilated visions!!!!!

    it's between you and YOUR god -- that's all that matters!!!!!

  • Amazing

    Hi Lotus: On H20 we had a poster by the screen name "FaithfulJW" or something like that ... he too was looking to unite the JW Anointed, especially newer Anointed, to relay their visions and insights to the GB. As we both know, the GB does not really take or seek advice from the balance of the FDS ... the whole process is a fiction. I tried to get him to understand that the Society will not only ignore any advice, but start having such 'Anointed' monitored for apostate tendencies. So whatever you do, do it with extreme caution.

    Following Bible principles, we will avoid trying to live - or demand others to live - by an extensive and rigid set of dos and don'ts that go beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Watchtower, 4-15-02, pg 22, pp 15

  • one

    All "so called annointed" looked weird to me. We had to deal closely with a few of them.

    We used to comment Ray Franz was a 'natural' person. He could relate to other things not just plain spiritual food. Even Jesus liked to party.

    Now i know why. I guess his brain was not washed completely. You need dirt for anything to grow...

  • anewperson

    That you say you are a happy person is good, though I would think if you didn't have constant pressure on yourself to attend every single meeting etc your life would be far more JOYful, and joy is a fruitage of Jehovah's Spirit. Do the local elders ever consider you for becoming an elder? Apparently not. They'll sure encourage you to bear a heavy load though, and behind your back will refer to you as "that donkey" then laugh at you. I'm sorry, but it's true.

  • SYN

    Oh I see, so the "light getting brighter" and people dying because of this "light getting brighter" are good things, right? How dare you support a religion that murders people?

    Seven006: "Have you tried drugs? Shooting up a little heroin might do the trick, it's hard to type when your stoned out of your mind. I don't know how TR does it!"

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    your sentance about 'giving up because of a few witnesses' imperfections...'This was said to me time after time after time; don't you see, it's jutification to excuse anything that is wrong?Elder behaves abominably?imperfection.Pomposity and insults from pioneers at your door?imperfection.Child abuse?imperfection.Affiliated to the un?imperfection.Lie about reasons for affiliation?imperfection.blah, blah, blah, the list goes on.

    WHAT ABOUT OTHER RELIGIONS?vicar behaves badly?Proof God is not with them.Pomposity and insults from the pulpit?Proof God is get the picture;they can ram that line of reasoning right up their ARSES!.One elder I spoke to about the un situation promised to 'check it all out thoroughly' to satisfy himself and when questioned had'nt ,and proceeded to question WHY MY FAITH WAS SO WEAK.What a cop out,a mature man who's too scared to question for fear of stumbling HIMSELF!What a bunch of [email protected]*K#*S

    "Only two things are infinite- the universe and human stupidity, and i'm not too sure about the universe."

  • Eric

    This board is aces.

    Here we've got one of the Anointed in the person of Lotus, who would like to spread out her regal wings and create a shelter under which we can feel safe to seek forgivness and return...

    And we have one of the Anointed in the person of You Know, who routinely entertains us with ghastly predictions of our most immediate demise, with our jaws shaking and knees turned to water.

    I take it these two haven't met yet.


  • Amazing

    Hi Eric: Excellent observation about You Know and Lotus. Thanks for pointing that out ... it will be interesting to see how You Know and Lotus respond. Also, I am curios how Lotus or You Know might respond to my last post Discerning the Body with the trick secret answer that COs and Dos might ask of those JWs claiming to be Anointed.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Well for years the society was afraid the "anointed" ones [the guys that run things] and I don't mean the little old ladys in Georgia, would all die out before "the end" comes.

    Hay--Who would run things?-------right?

    after all

    "The slave class is the SOLE channel of biblical TRUTH"

    Thank heaven we still have plenty of 19-20 year olds around the world who are partaking, who can soon be able to channel biblical truth to the rest of the unpicked dumbs that are left. And keep this "life saving work going." FOREVER!

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