JW Anointed Life

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  • Amazing

    Hi all: Thanks for the intersting and great comments. And Nemisis, thanks in particular for your references ... excellent ... it never fails that I always learn something new. I never knew that the Society did this with first century anointed ... very interesting!

    Thichi, I will make a new post about some of my negative or painful experiences as well as some fun or nice experiences related to my being a JW anointed. I have in the past already mentioned one, but I will post about it again.

  • Justin

    I think something which confuses the whole issue is the FDS concept. Those who have a heavenly hope should not confuse their calling with the WT teaching about the "faithful and discreet slave." As has been observed in many posts, individual anointed ones having nothing to do with acting as the "slave" - this in reality is the role of the Governing Body and is merely attributed to the entire anointed class. This doesn't mean that people can't use their abilities to help others achieve spiritual understanding within their own spheres of influence, whether they are anointed or OS, but a person cannot afford to get caught up into a delusion of being the channel to feed the "sheep". Whatever role the Governing Body has assumed in this regard, the actual reigning as kings and priests with Christ will only be fulfilled in the resurrection. So it's important to distinguish the anointing from the FDS business, otherwise a person will become mentally confused and turn others off.

  • plmkrzy


    I completely agree with you on that.


    As far as I was ever able to tell, and i'm not trying to make any accuations about ALL who have been members of the GB, but The whole idea of the GB being "The faithfull and Discreet Slave" is something I cannot accept. Simply because from what I have seen through out my life inside the Org. They haven't measured up to that title.
    For one thing they are extreemely HAUGHTY in attitude and that is or should be the FIRST clue to not only others around them but to THEMSELVES! There are no HUMBLE men in NEW YORK!


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