Did you ever fake field service?

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  • BeautifulGarbage

    Joy2bfree writes:

    "I have to share this tale with you. In an old rural congo we were in there was an elderly sister who didn't count her time all day in service if she didn't speak to anyone and didn't place literature. The standing joke amoung the pioneers was who was going to count sister X's hours when we would coyly ask if she had talked to anyone that day! lol "

    I can remember going out in car groups with my Grandmother. The school I went to had one other girl, my age (about 8), that was a JW. We went to the same cong and we would make arrangements to meet and go door to door by ourselves. There was usually some little article that we would tell people that they should read with their kids. I don't remember anyone slamming the door on us, but I can remember collecting lots of dimes! Who could resists us?? We were very sweet and the money came rolling in! LOL

    Anyway, I had no knowledge about time cards, etc. I just liked getting out of my crazy house. So, your comment makes me wonder, WHO exactly counted MY time and magazines placed? My Grandmother would never do something like that. She was just way to sincere when it came to the Org. So, I wonder, was it my friends Mother????



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