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  • LyinEyes

    Oh, I forgot to add, that I have known of 3 who claimed to be annointed in my years as a JW. And each and everyone of them
    had severe borderline personality disorders. OK, they were just
    plain crazy freaks. The sad part was that they were a joke to
    all, and I felt sorry for them, because people really did make fun
    of those poor delusional people.

  • Haereticus


    I remember one old lady amongst the partakers long time ago. She only did show up at a memorials, nobody actually knew her. Shabby clothing and odd gestures were pointing certain direction. I just wonder do they count these as well? I have never heard details of the the criteria as to who is included in the count and who is not?

  • larc


    You say you are a young annointed. Just how young are you? You say that we should have been more patient because things are improving? How long should one wait and what, exactly is improving?

    I was raised a Witness and left it when I was in my 20's. I am now retired, and am sure glad I didn't stick around for another 40 years hoping things might get better. You are young now, but someday you will be retired also, and I doubt if much will change over your life time. The WT changes very, very slowly, and only when it it forced to change.

  • Not telling
    Not telling

    You said that you were a "young" annointed, well how young?
    We need to know!!
    Im one of Jehovahs Witnesses myself, im 17. ive been brought up in the truth. My whole family are regular pioneers.
    I know i shouldnt be on this site, im still feeling guilty about it, but im a suspicious girl who likes knowing how others feel.
    im a bit shocked that christian elders would even consider looking at this site, never mind posting a reply!!
    i dont want to seem a hypocrite but it confuses me how an elder could go on the platform and teach others not to do the same as them. Do u feel guilt at all? i was just wondering whats going through your head!!
    i agree that most people who class themselves as the "annointed" only attend the memorial and must have a screw loose!!
    But i dont think its right for people to doubt!!

    If anyone would like to chat, or has anything to say, please email me ' [email protected]'

  • jesussaves

    My mom used to say that she was anointed. She had just been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and had a nervous breakdown. That's not saying anything about you, lotus, just another example for the opposing side.

  • Bang
    and I want to know why so we can find ways to improve.
    I want to assure you that things are changing now, very exciting changes, and if you all had just more patience you would see.

    Impove? What about helping the poor and needy?
    Maybe JWs could learn to be kind and loving, like most other people throughout the world who listen to the Spirit inside them - it's a long shot but maybe, with patience, and less 'animal sacrifice' - things could change.


  • moman

    When I was associated with the WT (Borg), I knew of 3 annointed, they were all "wackos"! You are in good company.

  • singsongboi

    so you want to be wise and compassionate ?

    i suggest you try buddhism...!!!!

  • neyank

    Hi Lotus,

    It's good that you're concerned and want to help people.

    You say the WTS has some exciting changes coming up?
    Well that's good news for the ones that still believe the WTS is what
    they say it is.

    But what about the ones that know that the WTS is a fraud?
    What about the ones that walked away, not because of any wrong doing, but because they could not follow a false prophet?

    What's the most important reason to belong to any religion?

    Isn't it to worship God?

    If you find that a certain religion has lied, has made false prophecies, acts in an unchristian way, tries to control every facet of your life by adding rules and regulations that are not found in the Bible, would you still belong to it even tho you know what the Bible says about following man made religions?


  • hippikon

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