What is the most unBiblical teaching of the JWs?

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  • jerome

    It has been said that the JWs hold to many beliefs that are unnsupported scripturally and inforce many 'unwritten' rules which they refer to as 'principles'.

    I would like to start off the thread with what I think is the most important unBiblical teaching that they need to promote inorder to exist.

    The Watchtower teaches that "a prophet is able to make mistakes while he is speaking for God and still be considered as true. "

    Mind you that these are not slips of the tounge but doctrines and predictions that have been promoted for years and have only been modified only after the Watchtower had no choice but to change them.

    This in my opinion is the most unscriptural teaching that the Watchtower promotes. If it werent for this teaching then the Watchtower would most definately have to be marked as A False Prophet! in light of the many times that the World failed to come to a scretching hault when they said that God was going to intervene and kill all the wicked non-Witnesses of this system of things.

    The Witnesses even may trivilaize the importance of false prophecy indetermining the vadility of a true evanglist inorder to minimize the dissonance it creates in light of the 'inferred infallibility' of the Watchtower doctrines.

    The JW goes to extreme lenghts creating all kinds of implausible situations in which the Apostles have supposedly erred in prophesying for God. Two well known examles of which would be the

    1) "Instance when Nathan told King David that he would build the temple to house the Arc of the Covenant" and

    2) The 'Uncertainty of the apostles in having the Gentiles circumsized inorder to enter the Church.'

    On close examination of these and many other instances which the witness tries to make the prophets of God look incompetent, the logic of the JWs with reguards to false prophesy falls to peices.

    A true prophet does not realize that he has been mistaken in giving an opionion only after his prediction has proven false but God corrects him before any prediction is proven to be in error. Is this the case with the Watchtowers' predictions?

    Imagine what would be the consequences if he dident? God could not then be trusted.

    No amount of mental gymnastics can cope with the judgement of Deuteronomy 18:20-22.

    That was just to start the ball rolling.

    Care to add any other non scriptural teachings to the list?


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  • DIM

    1914, 1919, 1935 - or whatever year they said the heavenly hope was closed. they don't have any scriptures for any of these years.

  • teejay

    That the bible mentions a governing body. Squash *that* lie and the whole house of cards tumbles to the ground.

  • Farkel

    : What is the most unBiblical teaching of the JWs?

    Everything they said about Genesis through Revelation.



  • TheOldHippie

    Hi, Jerome; you stated that
    *The Watchtower teaches that "a prophet is able to make mistakes while he is speaking for God and still be considered as true. "*
    and you put the sentence in quotation marks to show that it was a quote from a publication. However, you forgot to tell where you found the quote. Please tell me where they wrote that.

  • ozziepost

    That they (the F&DS) are the mediator, and not Jesus Christ.


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  • Tammie

    A prophet from God will not make a mistake, because the words he speaks are not his own. But are God's words through the Holy Spirit.

  • Xenu

    Were the leaders of the Jehovahs trying to iterpret or trying to utter something that was given to them via revelations and private dreams, utterances of the Elohim that nobody else had?

  • SYN

    "Utterences of the Elohim"




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  • JeffT

    I'm with Ozzie on this one. The teaching that Jesus is the mediator only for the 144,000 and that the rest of us need to follow them to get saved is a flat out contradiction of the Bible.

    It also means they are committing blasphemy.

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