OverLapping Generations Made ...............EASY

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  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    I can't believe I didn't understand it before! It is now SOOOOO easy. I feel like a fool! The generations overlap, therefore, there is any distinction between generations because they are all simply a muddled group of people of different ages and experiences. It is like a Mango Mojito, the mint is "muddled" with all those other flavors, the rum, the mango, the simple syrup...it's all a muddled concoction that simply tastes great! I get it now. Oh, my word, I get it...Thank you SOOOO much!

  • notjustyet

    That's from Fugue a member over at Jehovahswitnessrecovery.com I think he was,the original creator as he does a lot of graphic stuf.. Lol


  • stillin

    Not to mention...if a day is to Jehovah as a thousand years, think how long a whole generation is!

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