Scandalous injustice at JC - read this!

by hamsterbait 17 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • hamsterbait

    I am in the process and cannot belive the ignorance and deceit these "ministers for justice" used!


  • Crazyguy

    This needed to be recorded and uploaded to youtube or something, the transcript is way to long to read it all.

  • zeb

    Crazyguy. Yep i agree i laboured through it and the point is remarkably clear.

    I would like tio see these elders face a court of the land and have to explain thems elves before competent people educated and versed in the law and in the due process of the law.

  • zound

    That was an interesting read. The next part "The rude, the bad and the ugly" is a broken link - do you know if it is available anywhere else?

  • haboob48

    I could not get that link either. Can it be posted here? Thanks

  • clarity

    Hampsterbait ......... made me giggle all the way thru!


    Omg ........ Tony sure took them for a ride! Excellent points to remember!


    Question ..... how do I find the next part, the 2nd doesn't work!?


  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    When I read this the term "Kangaroo Court" comes to mind. From the very beginning the Elders make it clear that justice cannot prevail and that WT procedure takes precedent over scripture. In fact, the Elders completely dismiss Biblical procedure:

    Elder: The procedure that we follow, right, is the procedure outlined in the scriptures OK?

    Anton: I would have to disagree with that because if that was the case, we would be sitting at the "public gate" and this room would be filled with people...

    Elder: Right Tony. We are going to hold this meeting right, under our understanding of scripture

    Elder: Tony- you also mentioned about that we are not taking copious notes There’s three of us here witnessing to what you say.

    Elder: We are not...... we are advised not to take copious notes and put a load of things down in writing

    Elder: We're...... we’re following the procedure directed by the [Watchtower] Society

    Anton: You’re "just following orders"

    Elder:......there’s no alternative.

  • westiebilly11

    cl early the elders who make up the kangaroo court are moronic automatons incapable of rational thought....

  • sspo

    How disgusting for elders to follow orders from the watchtower even though the scriptures outlines differently.

    CULT other word can be used for the watchtower.

  • flipper

    " Elder- There's no alternaive " Yeah there is. Stop being a damned WT Nazi minion and leave the cult and use your own mind. Jeez. Peace out, mr. flipper

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