the age of adam when he died, anyone know?

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  • brandnew
    @ fink......YA THINK ???
  • neverendingjourney
    Little known fact: Adam died the same year Santa Claus was born.
  • prologos

    Adam died from complications of that rib-cloning operation. complications having a diet connection. not eating enough of the tree of life, too much of knowledge. but if he would be our ancestor, his genes would be alive in us today, those of the Neanderthals are, and they predated adam by a few millenia.

    a stubborn story that does not want to die,

  • cantleave
    Adam lost the will to live after he met Eve and found out she was a frigid bitch.
  • Finkelstein

    Adam died in 3096 BCE at the age of 930.

    Of course this is expressed through the Ancient Hebrew's mythological writings. .

    People didn't really live that long because of the known births and deaths of other ancient civilizations of that time and era such as the Egyptians for example.

    The bible character figures of Adam and Eve most likely never existed.

  • brandnew

    So........did adam have to take a trip to like.....mexico, and ask one of the mayans for one of those cool calendars with pics on it?

    Wonder what kinda pics.....; )

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason
    He is the only man without a navel.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    cantleave, you may be right "Eve was frigid". After 900 years they

    produced seven kids. I know a guy that came from a family

    of 15 in less then 40 years. LOL

    No contraception, please . Even if Eve gave it up on his birthday that's

    over 700-800 children. Hell my first wife, when I kissed her a new child..

  • Finkelstein

    Notice once again the sacred number 7 appears this is obviously the most sacred number to the ancient Hebrews as it used many times, so was the number 40 .

    So the guy lived over 900 years and only had 7 children in that time span ?

    I guess Eve said to Adam, that's it no more sex for you honey, my vagina is closed for business, if want sex your going have to do it yourself or with one those sheep in the field, you can call it masturbation.

  • NewYork44M

    I think Adam (West; aka, Batman) is still alive.

    Sorry, the concept of humans living nearly a century is kind of silly. Thus, I made a silly reply.

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