Kent's board sucks

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  • Kismet

    attacking you? well from my perspective, you are either a troll or completely naive as to how your actions are affecting others.

    Did you see my comment earlier?

    Kismet - who is wondering how many questioning JW's are turned away from Simons by seeing the almost brothel-like atmosphere that is fostered by Butalbee
    and this from Imbue:

    what's I like about Kent's board my threads don't get lost in all these sex threads
    I know for a fact of several active JW's that came here looking for information that were so repulsed by the sex threads that show up in the active threads view, they quickly reasoned, 'this is no place for me.'

    And now this thread again, what purpose does this serve. Simon's, kent's H20, Freeminds, whatever all serve a purpose. Stirring up board wards only helps the Watchtower.

    Are you starting to clue in why I and others might be getting a little fed up with your antics here?

    Kismet - who can't believe in the past two days he ahs defended YouKnow and Kent... yep it has definitely frozen over

  • waiting

    LOL..........some of us think this board sucks sometimes too.

    Just the nature of the forum beast, busy/bad days, good/bad threads, good/bad posters. Of course, we have the freedom to say that over here, eh?

    I still say the best description of an on-going board is like a dysfunctional family. Which, btw, isn't an insult - as 99% of all families are dysfunctional - and the other 1% are lying (according to some expert somewhere).

    There are some good posters over at Kent's - some good ones here. Guess the key is go where one's comfortable, and where's there's information & discussion.

    And sex, if that's what one wants to talk about


  • dungbeetle

    I agree...this is trolling. There are several Kent threads already.

    I just looove spending ten minutes looking for a buried post because of sex posts and sex threads. I really wish Simon would DO something about taking the adult threads off the 'active' list.

    Are we totally incapable of posting anything with serious content? In the allotted four threads and 25 posts?

    Some people on this board are three steps from sociopathy and climbing.....

  • moman

    Sex is good fun! Who needs narrow-minded, uptight, Victorian types anyway?

  • dungbeetle

    sex is fun if it's in the adult forum where it SHOULD be....

  • riz

    well if you don't like it, don't post there. derrrrrrr.

    why the need to talk shit about his forum? grow up.

  • Kismet

    Sex is a VERY good thing!!!!!

    SO visit sex discussion boards and go for it!!

    This is JW Discussion Board..some just seem intent on making it sex-R-Us instead.

    Just the other night some kid was in the JW chat. He was of the impression based on his reading of the board here, that this would be the place where he could get hooked up for some non-comittal sex, possibly even try swinging with some ex-jws who wouldn't turn him into the elders.

    Looking at so many of the threads, I am not surprised he made that conclusion, however erroneous. The Society told him people that leave the Org lose all moral sense, he comes here reads all the sex threads and what he was taught by the Borg is confirmed. So where better to come look for a sex partner?

    Is this really what Simon wanted of this place?

    Just food for thought.


  • Imbue

    Why are you attacking Kent's board. You started it! You don't really understand why we are here. Do you? This isn't a game for most of us here. This about coming to grips with reality. I think you should do the same. You JW boyfriend has not really left the JW mentality and he may never. That's real!

    Maybe you could try posting all these sex threads over on a Catholic recovery forum. Then see if YOUR fellow Catholics will tolarate it as Simon has for the sake of freedom.

    What do all these sex threads have to do with JWs? Really Bee...why do you post all this stuff. It only chases JWs away. That's the truth!

    I'm not attacking you Bee just trying to make you think about your behavior and how it effects others!

    Crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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