Need help with Isa 66:6...need decent argument...

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  • TheApostateAK
  • TD

    In rereading this thread, the thought occurred to me (not for the first time) that Witnesses seldom respond to a purely logical argument.

    If you want a Scriptural argument, have the individual in question read Revelation 16:1 in the Greek NT

    Kai akousa phones megales phones ek to naou……
    “And I heard a great voice out of the temple….”

    Here you see a virtually identical construction as Isaiah 66:6 – an ablative use of the word naos in regard to the emanation of a voice.

    …..thing is, in this instance, the NWT renders it Sanctuary

  • dungbeetle

    The reason for going to the Septuagent rather than Hebrew is becasue that's what the first century Christians used at the time. They didn't use the Hebrew anymore as a final authority.

    Even when Jesus walked the earth he used a 'copy of a copy'. I always thought that was interesting.

  • thinker

    Any thing with "666" in it CANNOT be trusted! It Satanic.

  • LizardSnot

    Just because something is easier to read doesnt make it an authority over an original document.


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