I can prove that God does not exist.

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  • LucidSky

    Realist - I have recently become agnostic as well.

    SYN - I could find very little on Kurt Godell and his theorem. But in short it says that that there are statements in arithmetic that cannot be proved. That implies that math and therefore science are incomplete. I have studied scientific philosophies a little bit. So I would also agree in theory. SYN, how would you apply this to the discussion?

  • Moxy

    lol, i was *just* gonna say go look up Gödel's theorem (note the spelling) it says more than that if you think about it, directly related to your statement:

    I am within a system, attempting to disprove the existence of something outside that known system.
    i think i had almost the same smack-on-head realization as you a while ago when i really tried to think this thru.


  • willy_think

    There's that wall LucidSky... now it's time to pick first cause of first effect
    I went with first cause.

    The Great and Powerful Oz:

    pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  • SYN

    I couldn't have been bothered to run Character Mapper to get his name right, ehehe! But yah, one of the things he says is that when you are inside a system, you cannot know everything about that system. Ad infinitum. That is why, since we are part of God's "system", (so to speak), we could never hope to understand God.

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  • Frenchy

    I've considered becoming agnostic but...I just don't know!

  • Lindon

    what kind of evidence are you talking about? And where did you find it?

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