Where do you go for spiritual food?

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  • ozziepost

    G'day Princess,

    The question "Where do you go for spiritual food?" asked by the unbaptised publisher is a very important one, yet seems to result from being taught by the Dubs that there is "nowhere else to go". You remember how the WT regularly quotes (or mis-quotes) Peter's words to Jesus "Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life" (John 6:68) The WTS portrays this as a validation of the position of the WTS as "Jehovah's earthly organisation" which we have come to appreciate is nothing of the sort.

    So "where do you go?" should be answered with a comment that helps the questioner see that they don't need to go anywhere.

    Of course, those "conscious of their spiritual need" may find appropriate reading materials to nourish those needs.

    Mrs Ozzie and I found that after reading COC and ISOCF that we wanted to read something positive and uplifting. (COC and ISOCF were not responsible for us leaving the borg. They simply confirmed and clarified our doubts and feelings.)

    We found that listening to some audiocassettes of the sermons of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones most helpful. Lloyd-Jones was a pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England for thirty years and whose sermons and expositions have been widely distributed throughout the world in printed form and on audiocassette. The more we listened, the more convinced we were in our faith. Perhaps they are available in the States?


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  • RR

    Well, everyone knows I've side with the "Bible Students" [ http://www.biblestudents.net]

  • flower

    (raised a 3rd gen witness, elders daughter)

    I was given a steady supply of spiritual food from the time I was an infant. I was a very obese child as a result and its caused me some health problems now that I'm older. I've put myself on a diet and have been steadily losing my excess weight. Its hard but its become a lot easier since I found out that the food I was eating was poisonous. In fact, I no longer eat 'meat' at all. I'm a spiritual vegetarian.


  • Princess

    Good point Ozzie, I feel the same way. It took awhile for me to understand that though. It felt odd when we left, although the constant reading of various books and essays I found to be very helpful. Once I realized I didn't have to GO anywhere for food, I was fine with it.

    I'm glad some like Andi have found such happiness in a church. Obviously it works for her and makes her very happy. I could not do it. We refer to the church behind us as the "God box". So many feel like they have to go somewhere for the food. God doesn't live in the box, you can find him everywhere.

    Thanks everyone for your comments...even Tex with the liquor store comment. I'm sure it is most helpful to those who were asking.


  • Billygoat


    So many feel like they have to go somewhere for the food. God doesn't live in the box, you can find him everywhere.
    I totally agree! I go to church because I have found other people in the same journey as I and that want to find truth like I do. But sometimes people do limit God to their own human parameters. Good point.


  • slipnslidemaster

    I find my spiritual food at the Spiritual Deli down the street. Great spiritual pastrami!

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