Where do you go for spiritual food?

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  • Mulan

    Well said, Larc.

    (If anyone is wondering why I changed the little graphic at the bottom to rain..........it's pouring here, but only for DAYS!!!)

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  • one

    spend 40 days at the desert, (not dessert) and find out who you are first.

    The best desert i know is called 'library' but lately they changed the name to 'internet'.

    if in doubt, stay the first few days in the area called 'how to think and learn'

  • Seeker4

    Couple of thoughts.

    First, I think some here are confusing religion with spirituality. Religions in general do not supply any kind of spiritual food. They provide dogma and beliefs, structure and community. Don't be tricked into thinking that those dogmas consist of spiritual food - that was what we learned as Witnesses, and you should all realize by now that there is a big difference.

    Secondly, I think that Princess actually described a spiritual life - caring for her family. How we relate to and act toward others is the essence of spirituality. It has nothing to do with belief in god, which is why a few atheists I've known were among the most spiritual people I've met.

    Where can you go for spiritual guidance? There are tons of great writers, from the Tao Te Ching to Whitman's poetry to Edward Abbey's writings about the natural world or Carl Sagan's writing about science. Sagan might be a good place to start - he felt that science and logical thinking were the surest path to a spiritual life.


  • TexSham

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  • wonderwoman77

    For me, I have begun to really tap into my spirituality in the last year. I have started going to a Unitarian Universalist Church. I also meditate every night. I am reading the Tao Te Ching. I talk walks, write poetry, many things.

  • Doc_jedd

    Still searching I know there is something out there I`m unsure of what it is though. After the Borg I`m sceptical(sp?) of everything

  • startingover

    After reading Seekers comments, I had to look up "spirituality" in the dictionary. I found an online one which listed the following meanings:

    1 : something that in ecclesiastical law belongs to the church or to a cleric as such
    2 : CLERGY
    3 : sensitivity or attachment to religious values
    4 : the quality or state of being spiritual

    I have always thought that spirituality and religion go hand in hand, as in #3. "Spiritual food" to me was something that promoted religious values. It's hard for me to comprehend spirituality having nothing to do with belief in God.

    ...still contemplating

  • Seeker4


    I think a lot of people think that spirituality and religion go hand in hand - but it's just not so. Think of the "religious values" that their spiritual food promotes: people who don't believe the same as you are condemnded by God to either torture in hell or destruction at Armageddon, depending on the particular faith. That, in the main, is the major teaching of most religions, as JT has so often reminded us (I'm going to miss him!!).

    Real spirituality is just so much deeper than religion can teach, because religion is limited by its dogma. Outside of religion, a person can often be more ethical and moral, refraining from actions that "deliberately and needlessly impinge upon someone else's rights" (David Mills). Please don't narrow your search for a fulfilling, ethical, moral and content life to trying to find the "right" religion. You'll be much more likely to find what you're looking for on a higher level than in mythic religion.


  • Sirona

    I ask God/Goddess for spiritual food.

    I consider all spiritual information from many religions and meditate on what they mean to me.

    It is a spiritual experience to enjoy the beauty of the earth and fully appreciate our own spirituality (inside) since we are part of everything.

    (I was JW for 11 years)

    ** http://www.religioustolerance.org **

  • Billygoat

    I currently attend a Baptist church in Richardson, Texas. It's a pretty liberal Baptist church as we have 4 or 5 women ministers in our church staff. Almost half of our deacons are women. Our pastor is a wonderful, wonderful preacher and has a very realistic and modern approach in terms of how a church is run. He's not judgmental or "preachy" at all! He appreciates human-ness and encourages everyone to grow at their own pace and plug into the church where they feel most comfortable.

    I also go to a singles Sunday School class after the church services. An hour long. First 15 minutes or so is just singing and prayer. Mostly contemporary songs with a pianist and some song leaders. The next 45 minutes are usually taught by one of two teachers. Both women and WONDERFUL teachers. They don't really "preach", but have more of a discussion session.

    I also attend a women's prayer group on Monday nights. About 6 or 8 of us get together to talk about issues in our personal lives and what we're looking for. We'll very specifically pray for each individual there. It's a great place to get stuff off your chest and be encouraged. We keep prayer journals and are amazed at how many of our prayers have been answered.

    I guess the thing I've realized about my spirituality is that in order to help others I have to take care of myself first. I'm never guilted into doing things at the church or expected to take on responsibilities. I can move at my own pace. Feed myself however and whenever I want to. It is that freedom that allows me to become stronger and then help others. And what's cool is I've got my whole life to do it. There is no "armageddon" to fear.

    So, I have several places to get "fed" spiritually. Most of them are within my church, but some of it is also from the fellowship of my friends there. We are a very social group and see each other on a regular basis outside of church. We spend a lot of time going to movies, eating out, cooking dinners, smoking the occasional cigar on a hot summer night, throwing margarita parties. I think we're a fun bunch!

    I think that's the difference - worshiping God and going to church are fun for me now. I actually enjoy it! Such a nice change.


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