Prayers, are they heard?

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  • JT

    Someone did a small study of hospital patients. One group of patients were prayed for, one not. The patients didnt know.

    The patients who were prayed for appeared to improve more than those who were not. This research is not confirmed but is currently being replicated


    it would be so cool to find out that the person who prayers where answered was like a lARRY FLINT and the person who remained sick was like a Mother T

  • elbobbo

    You wanna know if god will hear your prayers? No, he doesn't exist.
    Playing along with the idea that he does though, I would have to say yes, he would hear your prayers.
    Do you have kids? If you do and you're a decent parent at one time or another they've probably done something to show they love you whether it be a handmade card or drew you a picture or something like that. Will it go up in the Chicago Ar Institute for its brilliant use of colors or win a Pulitzer award for writing? No, because its just some little thing made by a small child. If you're a loving parent you'll treasure those gifts your child may make for you no matter how relatively untalented they may be because your child made it for you as an expression of love. Keeping that in mind, do you think your heavenly father (aka god) really cares how you approach him?
    In all honesty though, since I accepted there's no god and all that stuff I've actually been MUCH happier. The JW's and religion in general sell the idea that you need god in your life because they're trying to sell your their version of him. Same as JW's saying that the meaning of life is to serve the great imagination in the sky. Your life is worthless unless you do what they tell you. Speaking from experience life is actually pretty fun when you know that the only purpose in life is to live.

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