Question about "millions now living will never die"

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  • Perversion of a truth
    Perversion of a truth

    Very interesting indeed, thank you all for the feedback. Tech49, I thought that maybe this was the case that it was only the more recent article that says "may" instead of "will" but I have 2012 watchtower library installed and when I do a search it comes up with numerous watchtower articles that say "may" ranging from 1955 up thru 2010. However in alot of instances in the Watchtower they will say that on February 24 1918 Rutherford gave the talk "millions now living may never die" while other articles will say that on February 24 1918 Rutherford gave the talk "millions now living will never die". Regardless of whether they changed the title or not they need to get their own facts straight. No suprise there though... Thanks again for all the responses!

    Perversion of a Truth

  • rebel8

    The slogan was repeated in my area up until at least 1989, and they used WILL.

  • Phizzy

    Millions that were living in the time Rutherford gave that talk are....................... now dead.

  • rebel8

    Exhibit A of this messaging in the 1980s.

  • Finkelstein

    Or is this just more deceit from this religion trying to rewrite their own history...?

    You've answered your own question POAT.

    The remaining question that has to be critically analyzed is Why this deceit ?

    The most truthful and honest answer to this is that the WTS. has always made outlandish proclamations

    to draw the public interest to what ? Its publications, thorough public talks and their own organized meetings.

    This is how this religious publishing house proliferates and circulates its published literature.

    Call it a marketing agenda or whatever but thats it in a nut shell.

    Of course people are drawn into this marketing scheme by virtue of the already preconceived belief

    in the bible as being truthful and spiritual honest.

    So what the WTS. has done is set itself to lure people to become their own devout subservient members and

    to create and shape their own subjective sales representatives.

  • Sayswho

    I'm at a loss as why this is allowed...the only thing at this moment I can say as to why is...the Government (those in control) do not care as long as it doesn't cause them problems and keeps people in submission.

    Otherwise it should or would be stopped in its tracks!

    • However I feel the INTERNET will help...but desperate people will always be persuaded to believe things that will resolve their problems...
    • Look at politicians, they can convince people to believe they have the answers and then fail...BUT people forget and vote for the next one with similar promises...

    No one is held accountable! Desperate people are always there for the picker!


  • Tech49

    Here is where a major discrepancy lies.....

    If you type the phrase "Millions Now Living May Never Die" into the ONLINE SEARCH TOOL at the website, only 1 occurrence will come up, the 2010 WT.

    If you type the same phrase into the WT CDROM, you get multiple occurrences. Granted, the ONLINE search tool doesnt go back very far, but it would appear, that this is a good example, along with others, of information control.

    I see the future as being more and more steered away from a CDROM library, its hardly even mentioned anymore.... and more emphasis put on the website search tool. That way, your up-to-date information can be changed, and you never know it.

    Suddenly, your "OLD" info wont match up to your "NEW" info, and you will be the one "left behind". Sure, you might have the accurate form of the original texts in hand, but you wont be following "mother's" instructions.


  • EastCoastMindFree

    It is amazing that even after many witnesses will look at all this material stating that JW are in fact proclaiming false prophecies, they will just blindly move on as if it never happened. Ive always had one big question as to what motivates the organization to still move foward, is it financial? Power from leaders? I wonder if any of the governing body are actually willingly deceiting people or if they are victims of their own thinking?

  • LostGeneration


    Two of the most powerful motivators are fear and greed. I find these apply to JWs in many ways.

    Fear is always present in the Kingdom Hall. Fear of not "doing enough" to please Jah. Fear of man, as the elders might pull you into the back room if you misbehave. Fear of Armageddon of course. Fear of being DF'd and losing it all when it comes to family and friends.

    Greed is a bit more subtle, but its there. JWs think they will own the earth after Armageddon. Live where they want, do what they want, no worries.

    No job, just enjoy the paradise. Greedy people expect a huge payoff for little work. The promise of paradise for just a little investment in this "system of things" is a no brainer, if it is true. Lazy mornings in service with a few knocks on doors plus a 1 hour break for breakfast with your friends? Who wouldn't do that if you can enjoy beachfront property for eternity????

  • Finkelstein

    I've always had one big question as to what motivates the organization to still move forward, is it financial? Power from leaders?

    Yes and Yes, the GB or executive heads of this organization (WTS.) want to maintain their acquired power and position

    and as its shown over and over again these people are not honest people, their deceit is written in their publications.

    Once they move into that position they really come aware of just how much wealth and power they really have,

    just like the past Presidents and GB members before them.

    I'm sure there is some level of conceptional delusional within these men, a delusion that is well to hold on to for their own

    personal stature in supporting the identity of themselves..

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