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  • Comatose

    I was told recently about a situation where an elder did not get recommended to serve upon moving to a new hall. I think he left for a job. But, something internal politics happened in the old hall and he was not recommended. He went and immediately started meetings, service, and comments. Had a lot of friends over in the hall and generally campaigned for appointment.

    The new hall liked him a lot. He volunteered for talks etc, and talked to all the new elders about his past elder career. After a few months of schmoozing the new hall told him they were going to reappoint him at the next CO visit. He of course told lots of his old friends this news. Because everyone in "the truth" bases your worth on your standing in the hall. I would guess to hear the story he also wanted them to know that he was going "to serve" again. Probably was very proud.

    So the old hall body of elders catches ear of this turn of events. They then contact those elders to say that proper protocol is to ask them if any in the old hall would be offended if he was reappointed. They also say that YES people would be bothered, so its not proper to appoint him.

    So two things here.

    One, isn't it funny the way congregational politics works?

    Two, if spirit does the appointing, then how could it be wrong to appoint him?

    If a publisher in the hall spoke out against an elder they would be back roomed for speaking out against an appointed man. But, the elders are going against gods spirit and making sure he doesn't get reappointed. Twisted logic. How can elders counsel that they are appointed by the spirit and yet work against that spirit?


  • laverite

    Evidently, Jehovah is directing the elders from the old congregation. They are not working against the spirit. No! They are directed by the spirit to call the new congregation. And, if ever there is an error caused by our imperfections, it's important to wait on Jehovah and all will be made right eventually.

    No problemo! It's all good.

  • zeb

    elders appointed by spirit Yes. then No then yes then No and so on.

  • laverite

    Good one, zeb.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Holy Spirit can be fooled.

  • Quarterback

    The appt is made by the body of Elders, and endorsed by the CO. If the question was asked," if some would be offended if this brother was reappointed", then, this brother must have some history that is negative. That question rarely comes up for the appointment of servants.

    Spirit appointed, means in this case that the body of Elders have prayed over the matter, asking for HS to enable them in making this decision.

    I am familiar of two cases where new Elders moved into our congregation with some baggage from the cong that they came from, and the new BOE are still waiting, and it still has been over two yrs, waiting. The congregation are tottally confused, and are blaming the BOE about how strict they are, but, they are unaware of the problems.

    When the appt is sent to the Soc, the Soc rubber stamps the page, and sends it back with a Yay, or Nay. If it is sent back with a Nay, it ususually is because the FS hrs do not meet the average standard. The soc. are giving the average hrs of the appt's on that report.

  • Xanthippe
    They then contact those elders to say that proper protocol is to ask them if any in the old hall would be offended if he was reappointed

    Obviously only the elders in the old hall would be offended if he was reappointed seeing as they worked so damn hard to get him removed - the popular, much loved by the congregation, intelligent, annoying a^"hole.

  • Comatose

    Quarterback I agree. I also know how the appointment works, but still have heard countless local needs and WT articles on them being appointed by Jehovah. In fact, in one of my public talks when I was in all the way, I even had a section where I mentioned David and King Saul. I pointed out how David respected King Saul and refused to do anything against him and then likened that to pubs and elders...

    So, for me it seems like one of the many contradictions in the org. The elders are appointed by Jehovah. Except when they are not and we need to step in and fight it. If they were appointed by HS then we wouldn't have these problems. But Holy Spirit direction for me doesn't exist anymore.

  • TotallyADD

    Same old, same old. As my dad used to say. This guy who wants to be a elder real bad will become a major pain in everybodys butt after he is appointed. That's how the spirit works in the cult. Totally ADD

  • Oubliette

    I served as an elder for nearly 20 years. It didn't take long to see that "Holy Spirit" had nothing to do with anything. That was in fact the beginning of the end for me.

    One example involved a young man that had been disfellowshipped. He attended meetings for a while, met with us, told us exactly what we wanted/needed to hear and was reinstated. Even during the reinstatment meeting I had the distinct feeling that he was insincere and only telling us what he needed to say to get reinstated so that his family could have contact with him without getting themselves into trouble with the elders.

    We prayed about it and approved his request for reinstatement.

    He never came to another meeting.

    I could cite countless other examples, but in the interest of remaining anonymous I won't.

    I have no problem recounting the experience above because I've come to learn that it is hardly unique, in fact it's rather common.

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