Ex-Apostate experiences?

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  • zound

    Expanding on a point someone made in another thread:

    Just wondering if anyone ever heard any experiences at assemblies or Khalls of apostates that went back to become an upstanding JW. Or even just experiences related amongst JW's. Similar to the familiar "I used to be a heavy metalist but then there was a knock on the door...", or "I was disfellowshipped for immorality but then I saw the error of my ways.."

    I'm not talking about apostates who go back in order to be with their families, who I imagine wouldn't be caught dead relating their repentance on an assembly stage.

  • Phizzy

    I never heard of such an experience in the nearly six decades I was "in". I guess once you know the truth about the WT's false teaching, lies and corruption there can be no going back.

  • kjg132

    I always understood that if someone became a "true apostate" that they had commited the unforgiveable sin. That is why so many that have "drifted away" or been disfellowshipped for moral offenses try to never speak badly of the witnesses...this belief made me feel like I might have a nervous breakdown when I first started figuring out what all this was about. So I guess there wouldn't be an experience for someone being forgiven for something that they consider unforgiveable.

  • rebel8

    Ha. I never thought of that.

    Don't they consider apostatism to be an unforgivable sin?

    They've referred to us as demonized in their literature. I don't know of any jw doctrine that allows you to reverse demonism, because there are no modern-day exorcisms according to them.

    Interesting idea though. I bet if someone came forward they would pimp out that story for all it's worth.

    Are there any ex-apostates?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I guess once you know the truth about the WT's false teaching, lies and corruption there can be no going back.

    Thus the analogy of the Matrix red pill/blue pill.

    I cannot imagine how anyone could back unless they are faking it for family & friends or for business or social connetions.

    You CANNOT UN-learn the TTATT.

    Personally, I am having a very difficult struggle getting beyond the ANGER stage.

    I am angry at being misled and told so many lies that resulted in making decisions that have resulted in so much damage to my life and the lives of my family. I truly hope that all of those "at the top" who have given all the misguided and erroneous information are sincere but being misled and are blinded as I was. I really do not want to consider that there could be people that are doing this with full knowledge of the lies and distortions but continue on simply because of the personal benefits they receive.

    I am also angry at myself for being so guillible and trusting and foolish. In retrospect, I must ask myself: How could I be so f**king stupid? What I'm hearing now is unchanged. So why is it so obvious NOW but it was all so acceptable THEN?


  • self

    I have just joined this site and this is my first post which will be short as it's late and time for bed. I have just been reading the above posts as regards to apostates and I have strong thoughts on the subject but, for now will just mention jwstruggle.com. I came accross the videos on You Tube as I was looking for something else and feel that all JWs should watch them but know that they would be forbidden. I am not a JW but my mother was (she passed away 6 years ago) and hence my sisters and their families. I lived my life being told by my mother that I would lose life if I didn't listen to "The Truth". I too have had some very angry moments and to this day have to be careful what I would say to my sister as I don't want to lose her.

    Don't be angry with yourself Doc as you were just brain-wasted as so many are, just thank God that you did finally see through the org.


  • Londo111

    Welcome, self!

    I do know of one person who was awakened to TTATT to return heart and soul. The power of emotional blackmail and cognitive dissonance is very powerful. Sometimes it's the only way for some people know to make the pain of shunning go away. That's why exit-counseling...at the very least, reading about cults and mind control, not just TTATT, is important.

  • MrMonroe

    Desirous of Change, your feelings of anger over the betrayal you suffered mirrors my own sentiments after I left. My wife and kids and I all quit five years ago and I feel a great sense of embarrassment and humiliation over my gullibility and the fact that the trust I put in that organisation for more than 20 years was entirely misplaced. My anger has waned over the years, but I'm still very reluctant to admit to anyone I was part of such a web of lies and deception and delusion for so long without ever putting its claims to the test.

    I was in several different congregations in Australia and New Zealand in my time, with many members and elders being very stupid and unthinking people, but in my final congregation there were some deep thinkers and astute men (elders included) and women. I find it difficult to believe that they are unaware of the truth about the religion they've been part of for so long. If they know what's going on, they are deserving of a special place in hell for being part of a process of deception and mind/behaviour control.

    As to whether former apostates have come back ... isn't that Andre's experience?

  • self

    What is TTATT and what does it mean??

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    TTATT = The Truth About The Truth

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