Personality types and religious adherence

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  • John_Mann

    I'm an INTP.

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    It would be interesting to have many here take this test? Then truthfully report the results. Stuff like this facinates me.

  • startingover
  • NeverKnew

    Non-JW who has tested ENFP 4 times in 20 years.

    My JW friend?... ISFP. It may take an emotional WTS beat-down to get him out of this perfectly structured environment. *sigh* I'm keeping my hopes up.

  • steve2

    I applaud any research that can shed light on the active ways people allow themselves to become deluded by religious beliefs and affiliations. To me, it is incredibly simplistic to blame cults for ensnaring people when these people seem "tailor-made" to walk right in to cult mentalities of one sort or another. This does not excuse cults from their beliefs and practices but it gets away from the irritating nonsense that cults "take over" people's minds. No, rather, certain personality-types seek to be told how to live their lives and thrive in authoritarian systems. I have often thought that some people actually did find happiness and fulfillment in the organization - but thankfully, more were able to get out - even if some took the stench with them.

  • EdenOne

    I was also wondering if different religions appeal to different personalities. For example, a high control, highly structured religion attracts a certain type, and a more emotionally-driven religion attracts a different type.


  • nugget

    I come out as an infp but it was my strong sense of honour that made me see the injustice more clearly.

  • John_Mann

    For the INTP ones, I'm on an INTP forum and it's very interesting to share ideas with people who have the same personality type. Here's the link:

    I think there's a lot of type-related foruns to any MBTI type.

  • John_Mann

    Actually the subject it's so fascinating that even a kind of cult was made out psychological types. It's called Pod'Lair.

  • rebel8

    IMO this test is awesome as long as you realize what it does and does not do. It does describe your personality for you, in contrast with other personalities. That's it!

    I am a huge skeptic and shunner of woo but I love me some Myers-Briggs.

    It greatly helped me understand myself and comprehend why I have troubles with certain personalities. I have a much better ability to appeal to people with other personality types (which is working out swimmingly for my career). Taking this test and learning more about it was like putting on a jet pack and propelling myself forward in my interpersonal relations much faster than I'd ever gone.

    I am an INTJ with strong undercurrents of E and F. As the Mastermind personality type, I was a natural leader in the Borg but my I and T got me into a lot of trouble. T because of the lies ('nuff said!) and I because of the total and pervasive lack of interpersonal boundaries and any privacy of any sort. Everything was game for group discussion, including what zits you had, details about your period, etc. My underlying F caused me to feel the kingkongregation bullying strongly. My cult membership was never going to succeed because of these factors.

    My jw Mommie Dearest is ESFJ, the perfect cultist and the polar opposite of me in almost every way--one of the reasons I was more of a target of her abuse than her other kids (who have more letters in common with her than I do).

    None of these things are woo. They are just explanations of what is.

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