Pagan traditions that witnesses still take part off

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  • Gopher

    They schedule their meetings using a "worldly" calendar. Many of the months of the year and most of the days of the week are named after pagan gods.

  • problemaddict

    Pinatas. There is even an awake article that is hopelessly ironic in its language. I am sure someone has it handy.

    Wind chimes. I believe an article was written about those too.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley


    Humans too - July = in honour of Julius Ceasar, who invented a tasty cocktail.....add to that August = in honour of Augustus Ceasar the creator of a fantastic salad dressing. Interestingly, both men associated with the King of the North in JW lore.

  • Stealth

    The wedding cake is of pagan origin related to fertility rights.

  • wasblind

    Knockin' on a householders wooden door

    People would knock on wood to distract evil spirits

    Jehovah's witnesses took it one step further by leavin' a Watchtower and Awake mags

    in hopes to keep the evil spirits away


  • Freethinking76

    I ASK WHY,ABOUT THE CALENDAR.WHY DO WE USE IT IF IS PAGAN.i was told that jws can use things from pagan people and do things pagan people do.the only thing is tha jws can worship jah using these things.I WAS MORE CONFUSE THAN I WAS BEFORE THE QUESTION

  • Freethinking76


  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    I was in Spanish for many years and I do know of PiƱata busting even though there's an Awake that talks about its pagan origin.

    This is the article: g03 22/9 22-24

  • Praise YaHuWaH
    Praise YaHuWaH

    I have some OLD Light truths that if need be can be neetly repackaged as NEW Light Changes by any of the PuppetMasters of the WBTS who may want to appear progressive and "in" the Spirit:

    1. Lord = Baal.... They use the word lord in their bible and teachings yet it is from this pagan root and can be easily verified if they truly wanted to be Set Apart from paganisms.

    2. (Je)Hovah means ruin and destroyer. This is also a Root Baal Shatanic word. But then again, when you put out Mags that teach Ruin and Destruction for "the World" then you do not focus on what you should be teaching, namely the Love and Mercy of our Father and of His Son.

    3. They need to change their bibles name from Holy Bible to Set Apart Scriptures. Holy is from Holly. Infant Baptism in "Holly" water predates the modern Christian practice of infant & adult "Holy" baptism. Holly tree worship in the ancient ChristMass pagan practice and the pagan use of a HollyWood or Magic Wand and much much more than this is where the root of the word Holy comes from. Yes it has a different meaning today but the root is pagan nevertheless.

    4. (Je)Sus is from Pagan Zeus worship and is not the name of our Savior. There was no J until 500 years ago. Sus was a name used in the practice of Baal worship by naming your freshly dipped in holly water infant with a name that praised the pagan gods. Many names praised Zeus/Sus PegaSus, DionySus, HerodeSus, NarcisSus, OdysSus, ParnesSus and the list goes on... Constantine was big into the fusion of Christians and Pagan beliefs in the formation of his "Universal" Church.

    These are but a small example of some of their pagan ways and means, however one of the worst is when they actually practice a Satanic Church practice at their Memorial once per year in that of the "Passing" on the partaking of our Saviors Bread of Life and Wine of Renewed Covenant Truths! This is such blasphemy and the Satanic Pagan religions just laugh at this ignorance by the Hovah followers. The practice of passing the plate without joining in and doing what our Savior said we must do by communing in Him is a total slap on the face to Him. This is why they minimize Him and His position over the Corporation as they do, although He was Highly exaulted by His Father, they still make "JeHovah" the focal point when infact our Father put His Son in charge and over the Heavens and the Earth and made Him the High Priest....

    Yes these are progressive times we live in, especially if we are in the final days of this twisted world. The Light seems to be dimming on this organization rather than growing brighter. This is because of the pride of those that arrogantly run this cult as in the days of the Pharisees, they likewise refuse to correct their ways and turn to truths that His True Set Apart Spirit has been growing brighter in those with eyes to see and ears to hear when the truth is being provided.



  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    We descended from pagan cultures. Pagan life was integrated as a whole. We do many, many things based on pagan custom or belief. It would be impossible to do something not pagan. No days of the week, no history before Jesus, the list is endless.

    The early Church Fathers debated pagan customs. Some were allowed and only a few were considered too contaminated. I also expect the list had local variation.

    You would need to do physical anthropology, cultural anthro, sociology, linguistics, art, science -- a large grouping of academic subjects--to determine which ones were innocous and which were Satanic. No pagan custom was Satanic.

    Look at early church observances. Do you know most old churches in Europe and England are built on former Druid shrines? Mary was identified with the pagan goddess associated with water. Springs were holy places to early Christians.

    I am still waiting for the WT to reveal which moment in time was Christian and at which fraction of a second Christianity was no longer Christian until Pastor Russell. They may kick out Pastor Russell, too, which complicates matters.

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