Pagan traditions that witnesses still take part off

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  • Freethinking76

    I was reading an article where it said that weeding rings and the brides vail come from pagan origins,..

    who have any more?,please post

  • mP

    passover/last supper both celebrate the start of spring.

    just look at the dates of all the major hebrew holidays. They all match the pagan ones, for the same reasons.

    Festival of light, sounds a lot like the birth of sun on dec 25.

    Yom means "day" in Hebrew and Kippur comes from a root that means "to atone". Thus Yom Kippur has come to mean "day of atonement". Some say there is a link to kapporet , the “mercy seat” or covering of the Ark of the Covenant . Abraham Ibn Ezra states that the word indicates the task and not just the shape of the ark cover; since the blood of the Yom Kippur sacrifice was sprinkled in its direction, it was the symbol of propitiation. [2]

    This is of course the day of judgment and appears at the end of the growing season when crops are gathered and judged for their value. Libra the scales is also at this time and carries the same purpose. The end of the harvest season is the time of judgment.

    The sabbath

    Jews celebrate saturday as a holy day, which is one in 7. Snday is the day of the sun and is also celebrated one day in 7.

  • free and happy
    free and happy

    I read somewhere the veil wards off evil spirits and the bride has to be on the grooms left so his sword arm is left free to fight off anyone who also wants his bride - that would make the weddings interesting in the hall!

    Also the cake is a symbol of fertility and good fortune and you have to cut it together or you remain childless!

  • free and happy
    free and happy

    oh theres another one I remember, when you kiss the bride, its so the kiss means a little bit of your spirit enters your partner(must be in the saliva and you live on in them for all time - must be magic spit!

    I thought that only worked on kids grazed knees, magic spit!

  • Freethinking76

    I read somewhere that the vail was to cover the bride entirely ,the vail had to be kept because when the bride dies she would be wearing it.and also like you said free and happy is a protection from spirits too.

    interesting,why the witnesses chose to ignore this?

  • Vidiot

    Look hard enough, and you can find "pagan" links to pretty much anything.

    I'm sure many JWs have driven Mazdas, for example.

  • mP


    nearly every car brand, model name has references to astrology, include mazda.there are of course many other obvious ones that stand out eg subaru.

  • Phizzy

    The obsession with that which is "Pagan" and that which is not sprung from Rutherford's desire that the JW's should stand out as different, and better than the other Churches, who mixed pagan stuff with biblical stuff, according to him.

    The thing is the whole concept was a nonsense, as mP has ably pointed out many times, there is no dividing line between the pagan and the bible, they are inextricably intertwined.

  • brainmelt

    The bridesmaids are pagan as well, they are there to confuse and ward off evil spirits. I always found it really bizarre that JW's wouldn't allow the throwing of confetti or rice but would allow all the other pagan wedding traditions. Even before I learned the TTATT, I would point out this to my parents and others, they would just say it was ok because weddings and marriage were gods arrangement...

  • *lost*

    I have just had a thought ............... Who decided it was, and labeled it pagan ? Was that the religious leaders ? eqiuvalent to the RCC etc....

    Maybe they were all our 'natural' customs ? The things we need to be connected to, to make us happy etc.

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