After Armageddon...Then What?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I wonder if there will be publishing? Will there be any need for Bibles and Watchtowers? Will there be articles like "Armageddon: Why It Took So Long" or "Governing Body Announces 'Our Mistake...Birthdays Okay All Along!'" There might even be an article entitled: "Chistmas Changed to December 26! No Longer a 'Pagan' Holiday!"

  • scubajetlee

    i heard that after armagedon they will still will be preaching since there will be non

    witnesses reserrected and then the clean up of the earth i would want to be there

  • Number 6
    Number 6

    You only have to read a post-apocalyptic novel such as ‘The Day of the Triffids’ to name one such fiction to realise the utter bollocks of the JW Armageddon scenario as it stands.

    Take for example a city the size of London, whose 2012 population is some 15 million souls in the metropolitan area according to wikipedia.

    So big J wipes all but a few thousand of the faithful [sorry I have no idea of the actual numbers but lets assume that] out and then what?

    The power is out, so no lighting heating or refrigeration. Food will start to rot and smell attract vermin.No way of harvesting what’s out in the country as too few resources or time to do that.

    Even if it could be done the petrol would run out very quickly with no way of replenishing it.

    The is no communication because the power to telephone exchanges and cellular base stations is down.

    So how do the HQ in New York communicate with London; or anywhere?

    All the dead would start to decompose within a few days and even if the animals had a field day feasting, what about those indoors the animals cant get at? Disease would start to spread very quickly.

    Who would inoculate against the diseases? What proportion of the JW’s have medical training?

    As with the British nuclear war film ‘Threads’ of the early 80’s, our urban lives are so connected with each other in a myriad ways that if it all collapsed overnight, we would to put it mildly, be fucked!

    You only have to start to think about just WHAT it would be like that many unanswerable questions crop up and I have only scratched the surface above with a few teasers that come to mind as I am a fan of post apocalyptic fiction.

    So as it stands even just thinking about total collapse of society overnight doesn’t bear any weight.

    Off course if you buy into the whole Jehovah and the angels will sort it, then your ok, but in reality when you REALLY think about it, there’s far more questions that spawn dozens more.

    No wonder the watchtower doesn’t want us to speculate.


  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    you'll live... at least a while. And while the sun is dying, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell the governing body that they may have taken part of our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!

  • adamah

    Huh, I thought JWs believed they're going to be teaching the resurrected people who died before Armageddon, since they weren't given a 'fair opportunity' to follow Jehovah; hence their Bible studies with 'interested ones' in this 'wicked System of Things' is practice for the New System. So Armageddon is only Stage I, while Satan and his demons are restrained.

    Then after 1,000 yrs, there'd be Stage II of Armageddon, where Satan and demons are released. Of course, Team Jehovah wins, and the New System would be ushered in. I thought that's what all of those paradise pictures were showing (the 24/7 panda petting, etc). Maybe they've changed the general prediction, but that's what I remember being told.

    Even if you ACCEPT the fantasy, it seems more than a little bit flawed (not "perfect" justice), since someone who trusts their flawed logic and reasoning (using their God-given brain, which supposedly was made in the image of God's) who sees absolutely NO evidence of God's existence is going to be killed in Armageddon as a Godless atheist; worse, some JWs claim that physical evidence which actually SUPPORTS an atheist's rejection of the God claim would mean that YHWH is allowing Satan to plant "false flags" (dinosaur fossils, the science of molecular biology which coincidentally confirms evolution, etc) just to confuse people like me from making an informed decision. That's not a fair trial, and any Judge who allowed such tampering with evidence is not a fair judge, however you cut it.

    But then someone who died BEFORE Armageddon is resurrected and they are given a second chance, but they get ABSOLUTE CONCRETE PROOF of God's existence by being resurrected? They get to witness miracles first-hand?

    Problem is, if YHWH allows Satan to tamper with evidence BEFORE Armageddon, then what reason is there to think the trial is going to be any fairer AFTER Armageddon?

    Someone clearly didn't think the theological implications though, but fortunately for them, it's not all about logic; it doesn't even have to make ANY sense.

    Why do I say that?

    Noah's Flood makes no sense, if you actually stop and think about it.

    The Flood was SUPPOSED to have been "Armageddon, Take Uno", where supposedly only 8 people out of billions survived. God's "fix" to the problem of evil in the hearts of men" clearly didn't work, and was only a patch job since just a page later we're reading about "evil" Sodom and Gomorrah. Whoops....

    JWs better hope YHWH has worked out the kinks that allowed evil to persist in the Deluge, since YHWH's track record at building 'evil containment systems' so far is 0/1 and reminds one of flawed human endeavors (eg Chernobyl). It can't be THAT much harder than building a radioactive waste containment system, right?


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