The Wt. is right we are mentally diseased

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  • TotallyADD

    There I said it. We are mentally diseased in ways that most normal people cannot understand. It does bare asking " What part did the Wt. have in causing this problem?" My answer is all of it. For many months now I have been thinking about this accusation the Wt. cult has been throwing around in their publications and talks at the DC. and all I can see is they are the main cause of it all. Countless accounts of child abuse, mental abuse and every other form of abuse I have read about by all those who come to this site. The deep scares they have left in all of us. Leading many to broken marriages, depression, families torn apart by the cult mentality and who knows what else. And yet the Wt. is not happy with just that now they are making us out like demons by their name calling. Making those who are still under their mind control even more frighten of us. And for us who have seen the light and are trying to put all of this behind us and working hard to become normal. But no we can't have that! Now the Wt. is still trying to control us by their wicked, depraved and impure talks about what they think we have become.

    In reality most of us are fighting with all we have to become normal again. But yet those scares are very deep in many of us and for most we know it will take a long time to heal from them. For me and my household we will rise above all of this and someday the path my wife and I have taken hopefully the rest of our family and friends will also see the light by our example.

    Let all of us raise our heads high and show the Wt. and say to the world. Yes we are mentally diseased because of the Wt. cult and we are fighting hard to become normal loving people who are productive world citizens. Not living for the future but for the present helping and doing good for all that knows us. I hope these thoughts will help all of us to see what insight we all have to help others. So what are your thoughts and hopes on fighting this mental diseased called the Wt. cult? Totally ADD

  • jam

    Totally, I hear you. I wish we could take them to court for defamation

    of character. But unfortunately we are small potatoes.

    Where the plaintiff on a defamation action is a private citizen who is not in

    the public eye, the law extends a lesser degree of constitutional protection

    to defamation statements. If you were Michael Jordan you could own the

    WT for defamation of character.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Yep I'm mentally diseased can get my psychiatrist to prove it. I'll admit I'm an apostate and mentally diseased, and Wt made me both!


    Tough to keep your sanity when they [the WTS] asks you to go door to door with a Catholic book and then asks you to bash the Catholics on their teachings, not to mention denying the explicit and implicit teachings that are actually in the bible.

    Never made sense and it never will imho.


  • problemaddict

    While I will not agree I am mentally diseased, it would be nice to have a super rich ex-jw just support the cause of lawsuits against the JW's for things we know to be true but can't afford to fight. (I'm looking at you......and don't call me shirley)

  • jam

    Contact Sherri Shepherd (ex-JW) on the TV show the View and

    inform her, you are mentally disease accordingly to the WT.

    Therefor in good in good conscious I can not and will not

    support your program. I will inform others of your sickness, the

    director and producer. OK, NOT A GOOD IDEA.

  • LV101

    Why can't there be a class action suit against them for hate speech --- ahh, that's right - religious freedom is only for religions but surely we have rights as individuals. This so needs to be addressed and dealt with.

  • Phizzy

    It was tried in the U.K, getting the Police to prosecute, but nothing came of it. The actual words spoken are cleverly couched in terms that can be interpreted by the WT in ways that the listeners will not.

    The R&F JDubbs will believe that all those who disagree with what the WT says this week, (it may change next week of course), are mentally unstable, and therefore to be avoided as such ailments according to them are catching. Apostasy is as easy to catch as Chlamydia apparently.

    But an analysis of the actual words printed in the WT does not amount to Hate Speech, or a Religiously motivated call to violence.

    If a DC speaker goes off on one, adding to the outline, we may have a case, but I doubt that would happen, they have guys checking on the speaker, he would have to be a real Maverick to do that.

  • EdenOne

    In any case, the greek term rendered "mentally diseased" in the NWT actually is more properly translated as "obcessed". In some aspects, this is true. Many of the ex-JW's who left and became apostates did so because they become obcessed about publicly proving the WT wrong and exposing it for its wrongdoings.

    Of course, the spin that the WT puts on that expression leads to equal apostates with 'people who ought to be confined to a mental institution'.

    Although the context of that text is talking about something else entirely - the development of gnosticism within the Christian congregation.


  • Phizzy

    Well said Eden, the point is that the obsession we have as Apostates is not "debates about nothing", it is about the serious harm the WT does, so their charge against us, even if they really used the phrase as it is used in context, does not hold.

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