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    Freethinking , you are most welcome . I do bang on a bit about that booklet , I may have mentioned it once ! before on other threads , but for someone who still has some thinking ability left it is probably one of the easiest ways to prove , from their own literature the lengths that they go to . All of the early church chappies do in one form or another agree with the Divinity of Christ and /or full blown Trinity teaching . Pre Nicene people like Justyn Martyr do use their own language to express these ideas but any thinking person can see their point.

    In the original "SYBITT" booklet the Church fathers are praised and extolled . Randall ( I'm British , can't call him Randy ) Watters tells the story about how this very subject started his quest for TTATT . Others will know this story so if I get anything wrong please correct me . He , Randall says that during his time at Bethel he read the "SYBITT" book and as a young man with some time but no money (he was at Bethel ) he decided to look further at the Church Fathers . He says that he was shocked at what he found . Huge discrepancies between the booklet and what was actually written by these men . Cherry picked quotes and half quotes made it seem as if these early teachers of the church did not teach what the church now teaches , but something more akin to the JW position .

    One doozy is the statement that "Justyn Martyr called the pre-incarnate Jesus a created angel " now if you read his works whe does use the word angel in the same sentence as Christ but he is attempting to prove to the Jews the existance of a Divine Christ in the OT , he argues that Christ is the Angel of God who in the OT was the same as the presence of God . Justyn is actually defending the teaching of the Divinity of Christ .

    there are many exposes of this booklet online TowerWatch ministries do a good one . Loyal winesses will not look , of course at the evidence cus they won't be disloyal to the org .If your relative can see the reality of this she will probably be interested in the reaction of her JW "friends " when she questions them . She might be able to grasp the level of brainwashing that they have received !

    God be with you

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    Jhine....there is so much info out there is overwelmingly good

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    Freethinking , yes there is a lot of info online to help . I agree with Problemaddict, do not trash the individual JW's , they do believe what they say and are mostly well meaning earnest people , but your relative as I said might be shocked by their (the JWs ) total disinclination to look at any material which shows the org. in a bad light . You can point,out that by continuing with them she would end up just as brainwashed and slavish to the GB rather than the bible .

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    bumped , hoping for an update .

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    bumped again , hoping for an update, Free what is happening ?

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    just show her the may 3rd daily text of this year were they write that we do not have Jesus as our messiah.

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