Do you think that "Born Agains" will eventually abandon the "Hellfire" doctrine?

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    um, [in the bible] Jesus spoke more of hell then he did of heaven I believe.

    just saying

    Where would God let people go who hate him and want nothing to do with him?

    Someplace far from God would make sense maybe

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    What bothers me is when a sect declares that anyone who isn't a member is condemned to hell or eternal death. The JWs believe that all non-JWs will be destroyed unless they haven't heard about their "good news." If people are good, decent, honorable people but are Baptists, Jews, Catholics and other sects that are part of "Christendom" they should beware, for their time is short upon the earth.

    It makes me wonder what happens once these people are dead and how the JWs will clear our bodies away so that we will no longer pollute this world, which is then going to become a paradise. Our thoughts will then come to an end and then it will be as though we never existed. Other sects consign all Jews and people who have never undergone the mystical experience of "salvation" to an eternal hell fire. It's like the old saying, "No one will be saved but thee and me, and sometimes I have my doubts about thee!"

  • Vidiot

    I like the Accountant's description of the Devil and Hell in the movie Drive Angry: "Satan is simply the warden of a very large prison."

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