Aliens: Vatican Prepared (Not WTS)

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  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Has anyone here ever been visited?

  • cuckoo in the nest
  • metatron

    Nope, I'm not sure if he knew the contents of whatever 'plan' they had.

    Maybe a sort of 1975 failure comment, "we're all disappointed......"


  • BLWashington

    i LOVE this topic...

    Ok, I don't believe everything I see on TV or read on the internet- BUT- it seems like all these Ancient Alien theorists are giddy as all you know what to be able to dialogue about what they've found, researched, uncovered, etc. Would it stand to reason that an all-powerful God would not just stop at humankind and it's imperfection to be making stuff? The technological improvements of human kind in the last 50-60 years has been GIGANTIC compared to prior to that... Why? Could it be that the "thoughts of God are above our thoughts" aka that God or whoever made us is just plain smarter than us?

    I mean seriously- if an earlier century of man had seen an airplane in the sky- they would have called it a chariot of fire- why...because they didn't know what an airplane was. With that being said... there are countless artifacts and archaelogical finds that would support some sort of alien/extraterrestrial activity on this planet. If in fact, we were generated by a more advanced lifeform, the Annunaki or whatever... and they returned to "visit" - it would shake modern religion to its very core...

    If in fact the Angels were lower level aliens who went up the chain to a higher level alien or a Chief Alien... what happens to the fundamental structure of all religion, when God is in effect, Superman?

  • LongHairGal

    metatron and BL Washington:

    I believe we are not alone and the goverment (or whoever) is covering up evidence because of fears of social unrest, churches, etc., whatever the damn reason (I agree with Vidiot).

    And, even though I think I see evidence of artificiality when I look at many pictures of Mars (okay, some might be hoaxes but not all), I still think I would be scared shitless if the ETs ever made their presence known or actually came here.

  • Vidiot
    BL Washington - "...what happens to the fundamental structure of all religion, when God is, in effect, Superman?"

    All the fundy churches (including the WTS) have an apocalyptic freakout...

    ...and Satan says "kneel before Zod".

    BTW, welcome to the board.

    I swear, at the rate that newly minted XJWs are joining the ranks, we're gonna outnumber the rank-and-file by 2-1 before too long...

  • BLWashington

    I'm bout to use up my 10th post lol

    Thanks for the welcome... I never knew boards like this existed! You know you hear "Apostates" as a kid and it's like something akin to the Chester the Molester/Kidnapper/Child Rapist/KKK member/Acid Rock Devil Worshipping/Drug Dealing Gangsta Rap - person. When I found out that it really was Ex-JW.. I was like wow... I been apostate since I was a teenager LMAO!!!

    It's nice to be somewhere that people really can just ventilate about what is ailing them, to people that can understand what you're talkin about... almost like a counselling group lol

    Be Back soon :D


    My son & I are attending our first MUFON meeting this Saturday.


  • Terry

    Well, if you are not of this earth you are technically an extra-terrestrial.

    Jesus, angels, demons are all extra-terrestrials.

    I should hope the Church would know more such entities than anybody as well as how to prepare for close encounters!

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