The real reason allegations of child abuse among JW's are not reported

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  • TheWonderofYou

    so is the moral courage hindered by fear of man and consequences, thats human. But does nobody think of the fears of the victims

    and how they do suffer?

  • HayDay

    If you are interested in philosophy (and it seems you are from your post) if you look into Christianity you'll find that their moral code lays in what's called Slave Morality (or Slave-Master Morality). Nietzsche had quite a lot to say about this (feel free to research).

    The point of Slave Morality is to trick people into giving up their own moral code by telling them they are wicked and sinful from birth (which is a powerful lie) and make them dependent on authority for their morals (making them essentially immoral). Witnesses follow slave morality to the "T" and pretend they are being moral, but as we constantly see from these molestor cases and many others -Witnesses have a deeply flawed moral code. Anytime a person's morals come from authority, like an elders, they have the interest in mind of the authority not of the individual. Witnesses live with this duality constantly and it tears most of them apart internally. Morals for them rest on one thing, the idea that God is more powerful than they are. The whole super-structure of Christianity is dualistic, highly flawed and subject to ultimate wickedness (as in Jehovah commanding the Israelites to commit genocide, or Abraham to sacrifice his son) and ultimate stupidity.

  • TheWonderofYou

    jeremiah18:5-10 elder: you gave a realistic view of the reality, the daily life, in a not easy business. Yes,It sounds like it would be a business not

    a shepherding. a business with low-level and top-level functionaries who have to function as functionaries more than as discreet slave with human balanced views and love. Is this religion as functionary's hell, where all funcitionaries, the grey men with the proclaimers pockets will end and eternally suffer?

    HayDay: gives a philosophy which is very logical. But I dont't funcion always logical. I am wonder and wonders are often surprising. Torah, Jesus and Koran the 3 monotheistisch religions have an other standpoint, they don't teach really that man from beginning is evil. But principially i believe in the wonder that Jesus died for us and that he cares for us is, is with us all the time. It is an other form of slavery, where God made himself a slave for us, to show that

    god is only love and mercy and nothing else. There are so many interesting thoughts in your comment, sorry for today i dont have more time to comment.

    In love The wonder of you.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I have a different personal take. My view is that Witneses are overly deferential and afraid to be different from other Witnesses. It does not make much to be a superior Witness in Bethel's eyes. On the other hand, every Witness toils a lot. Women are not respected at any level. Sexuality is still viewed as evil. Far better to pioneer and be a slave than to marry with obligations.

    I was born-in the 50s and 60s. Rape was caused by women. When Bethel finally shut its big mouth, the culture itself believed that innocent godly women could not be raped. It was your fault. Better to not tell anyone. The only worse thing than telling your parents is telling the elders. You are suspect. Why drag down a valuable penis in Jah's org when you only have a dirty, filthy vagina.

    It would take a long time to change the culture. Look at how they encourage domestic violence. I don't believe their articles b/c I lived it before I could read.

    You are raped. It was your fault. Now Jehovah's Witnesses are going to lose two minutes addressing your rape instead of building those glorious buildings that get rave architectural reviews. Your men may have been low status now they are the lowest status b/c you infected them by being raped.

    This is in the Bible. Would Jesus condone it? No, but we are dealing with men who want to be ancient Israelites. The most vicious people in the KH towards any sexuality were always the mothers, cousins, and female friends. No man could match them for hating other women. Hail the Penis. They should be called Penis Worshippers.

    From the moment I was born, I was told never, ever tell anything to any Witness outside the family. It did not happen to me despite the glee it would have brought all the sisters. If it had, I would have told neither my father nor my mother. KH would be the last. I would gladly tell a strange policemen first. Teachers perhaps. Never any Witness.

    I know women who broke my personal rule and they deeply regretted it. No one married them. They were utter garbage. No, I follow my ardent cousin's rules. Marry and have the baby pop out two weeks later. Do your hours and you will be hailed as modern Virgin Marys. Nothing depends on conduct. How close are you to someone in power at Bethel and what are your hours in service-these rule above all else.

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