I can't find any bibles...seems to be a shortage...

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  • RubaDub

    Put your money on the New Bible being released at the Annual Meeting in October 2013. This will be the first one with the Assembly Halls tied in. In this way, a member of the GB can present it at the same time to all the "special" ones who get the invitations in their local KH's.

    Also, it will be a great time to give further details on how CT Russell got demoted and how, effectively immediately, Jesus will now report to the Governing Body.

    Rub a Dub

  • Legacy

    Hi All,

    Here is another thought..ASK HDQ...Excuse me Brother, I've been trying to get a bible(s) for interested students..(they don't have a computer), Brother could you let me know where I could get a bible(s), if not what is the cause of the shortage ? Remember to be nice & loving. Most likely they will say you can direct them to JW.ORG, but you can say the students don't own a computer & I have been calling for a few months now, Brother (now remember, PLAY NICE), why is there a shortage ? You get more with honey than with vinegar..

    This way there is no speculation..now whether they tell you or not...now that can be another topic.

    Honey, Vinegar & the Love Bomb..(Example)

    I had an incident happen to me last week. A sister told me about my dressing (I'm newly baptized). Well instead of getting huffy, I thanked her & told her I know she was only telling me out of love, blah blah blah. Guess what? She still don't know how to take it. I thru her off her game. A friend of mine said..I gave her the love bomb...works..most of the time..(that was just a little side note on being loving). Because you know most witnesses are loaded for bear...aka: have to have the last word.

    Be Well,


  • Londo111

    I doubt one could get a straight answer from HQ, no matter how nicely one asked. Try writing HQ and asking about Jeremiah 25:12.

    But I couldn't agree more when it comes to approach, Legacy.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    You can always get a NIV Bible free of charge. There is usually a pop up here to get one. I did their 12 quizzes and got one, quite nice it is too.

    I also have a free NEV (New European Version) from the Christadelphians. This one is in English English as opposed to US English.


  • slimboyfat

    They don't have anyone who is capable of producing a revision of the NWT!

    Plus they've just finished translating the NWT from English into a dozen other languages. They would have to then retranslate the revision.

    Nah I think a revised edition of the NWT is very unlikely.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro


    I think all pretty much everyone is invited. Our congregation allotment was more than the publisher count so I guess non-publisher kids are also included. LOL at your suggestion. Don't give them any ideas.

    The speculation seems reasonable to me. Why else would they run out of God's Word of Truth?? Oh well, time will tell.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I heard that it is only the English translation of the NWT which is unavailable, and the non-English languages are still available. If all JWs would clean out their attics and closets and bring in all those Green Bibles, there wouldn't be any shortage at all. Maybe we should start a JW ministry to collect old NWTs, redistribute to people who do not have one.

  • Athanasius

    Hi Legacy. You might try the Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul, and Goodwill Thrift stores, as they always have a few NWTs in their second hand book sections, some in mint condition. Of course you could follow your own advice and call Watchtower headquarters and ask a staff member why they let the English NWT go out of print.

    Regarding a revised NWT, I think Slimfatboy is right on. The foreign language NWTs are not translated from the original languages like most foreign language Bibles, but are translated from the English NWT. If the Watchtower is too cheap to employ competent scholars to translate their foreign language NWTs from the original Hebrew and Greek, then they won't go to the expense of revising the non-English NWTs to agree with a revised NWT English version. And since the Borg requires conformity, no revision on the horizon.

    Since we're speculating about why the NWT is out of stock, here's another possibility. Freddy Franz completed the NWT in 1960, and with minor revisions, the JW Bible has kept Freddy's peculiar renderings and late 19th Century wording. In fact some of the language and terminology of the NWT was obsolete at the time it was first published. So an NWT in modern English is needed if the JWs want to understand their own Bible.

    However, 40 years ago the Watchtower released THE BIBLE IN LIVING ENGLISH, translated by Stephen Byington. The BLE was a much better translation than the NWT, but do to an agreement with Byington's estate, the Watchtower wasn't allowed to edit Byington's work to fit JW beliefs. But what if the Watchtower acquired a manuscript similar to Byington's work that was written in 21st Century English, but with the proviso that the Borg could make adjustments to the translation to fit the JW theological bias? This solves two of the Borg’s problems.

    1. All JWs will need to donate to obtain a copy of this new Bible. The cash flow improves.

    2. Like other churches, the JWs now have a modern English Bible that they can sort of understand.

  • Crazyguy

    I heard they were trying to make a bible completely out of recycled plastic to keep prices low and the new bible will not have Jesus name in it, its been replaced by OhRhG.

  • Phizzy

    I am with Slimboy on this, I do not think they DARE to publish a new version. To do so would be to attract many reviews by true Scholars who would be bound to alert JW's to the many errors, poor renderings, and downright mis-translation for the purpose of promoting false WT theology.

    Such reviews would be far more scathing than when the NWT was released piecemeal in the 50's, and very few JW's would feel restrained from reading such reviews and opinions, even on-line.

    To publish a New NWT would be the knell of death for them, but I do hope they do it !

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