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  • orangefatcat

    I have been wondering, just how many of us here started looking into the injustices of the WTBS after being disfellowshipped. Did some of us look here in order to justify our anger because we were ousted. Did some have hatred right away or was it gradual? Like was I looking for an excuse to justify my wrongdoing so I have turned on the Organization.
    Myself when I was disfellowshipped I had no reason to think that the truth was'nt the truth until I started researching on the internet. And I have been thinking that my outrage started after reading some of the terrible things that have happened to exjws. Any thoughts??

  • Beans

    I wish I got Dfd so I could reply to this Thread,but I missed the Baptizmal train!


  • ThiChi

    To make a long story short: As an Elder, I read Ray Franz’s two books COC, ISOCF. Then add some issues I saw as an Elder and I DA’ed myself, pronto......

  • ConnieLynn

    I got mad and saw a lot of #@$%# before I got DF'd, but then, I got madder the more I did some research. I felt assured that I had done the right thing, the more I learned. Now, I want to tell all JW's to get out, but of course that doesn't work. I see what you're saying though, either way, it works end up outraged when you realize so many people have been mislead.

  • ThiChi

    What I have found out more and more after leaving the dubs (to my dislike) is the “us against them” mentality of the WT. Severing friends and Family alike by their shunning process.

    It takes a lot of courage to give up having enemies. Unawakened people demand enemies......

  • zanex

    I started out being angry and hateful towards all jws for a long long time after I got dfd and did nothing but hate. Recently with the introduction of this board I have discovered a deep seated desire to find information disputing any idea, thought, or just general dirt on the borg. Anger turned into a cold desire to beat out the mental conditioning that I was subjected to with information..cold hard facts about the REAL intentions of the borg. So for me it was anger first logic later...

  • rekless

    I was researching the Jimmy Swaggart thing after hearing him say I have sinned then was caught the second time with another prostitute.

    I searched Jimmy Swaggart and a topic of Jimmy Swaggart and Jehovah Witness popped up and that was the beginning of my questioning then I looked into my son History book for the date of Jerusalems fall there was no 607 said 587 bce... then i started looking into all the jewish papers and history and they used the date of 578 or the 18th year of nebuchanazzar aand everything mushed room from there, then my wife got sick and I started researching the blood thing and realized that we could take every blood fraction seperatly but no whole blood this didn't make sence, because blood is blood whether it is whole or fraction....I DFed myself right after my wife passed away...this is where I am now.

    Hell is truth seen too late. H.G.Adams

  • TexSham

    I came because it felt dirty

  • DakotaRed

    Well, FatCat, I saw the injustices and felt them before leaving. I did not come here to justify any wrongdoing, as the only thing I could be accused of doing wrong was to flee the Watchtower. I DA'd myself.

    I came here to hear what others saw, did and felt and discovered that many of us have been hurt deeply and wronged by the Watchtower and it's appointed representatives. The Watchtower would readily encourage any of us to leave another religion for enduring exactly what was dished out by the Watchtower.

    I have now come to believe there is no true religion and that all fall well short of doing Gods will, even though they all claim to. As I have said many times before, love is the true sign of a disciple of Christ and I haven't seen it in any religion, least of all the Watchtower.

    My outrage is that they condemn others for doing even less than they themslves are doing.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • sweetone2377

    I saw mistreatment of others in the congregation by the brothers. But when I was DF'd I really wanted back in. I had absolutely no knowledge about any other way of life. Once I was reinstated, it just wasn't the same for me. I moved out of state, leaving everything JW related behind and less than a year later I DA'd myself.

    I came to iNet searching out people who had been "ousted" by the Society. Mostly because I missed the familiarity, and because I wanted to know that i was not alone in feeling this way. I didn't want to go back, but I felt that I needed to be around those who had went through something similar to myself.

    It wasn't untill I came to this site that I actually started to really question, and question hard, the teachings of the WTS. I admit, alot of things just didn't seem loving to me, but I had just taken it all in and said, "well, this is how Jehovah wants it then..."

    Here I am, 2 years later, half way through CofC, written by a man I never knew existed. I'm shocked at what I'm finding and I'm researching everything.

    I definately will not be returning to borg - EVER. No longer because I'm hurt or angry or miss my family (who disowned me only after I began searching out the real truth). But because now I know just how wrong they are.

    Former victim and recovering wonderfully from a broken spirit
    Smile, because we all have been freed from slavery!!

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