So I Went back to my old Kingdom Hall Today...

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  • cofty

    ...because it's now an art gallery.

    It was really strange to have a look around the building and see what they have done with it. A lot of the old KH features are still there. They have kept the old platform, it gets used as a music venue on occasions.

    I went up on the platform and faced the hall to bring back memories of the hundreds of times I stood there giving talks.

    They have quite a few of the old chairs and the magazine/literature counter is still there but it has been moved beside the stage and painted.

    All those huge windows have been restored and the place is full of light.

    You can see a lot of pictures at their website, they have called it "The Berwick Watchtower".

    The owner asked my wife and I if it was our first visit - hahaha

    I signed the visitor book and said it was great to see the old building being put to good use at last.

    Here it is just before the cult moved out.

  • sizemik

    Great looking building. I'm pleased it now has some community value.

    That's about the only time you'd get me back in an old KH too . . . when the previous owners have departed.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Is this a joke? That thing looks like a medieval prison. Very funny ;)

  • MrFreeze

    Julia, the form of torture in there was probably worse than what happened in those old prisons.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    It went on longer, that's for sure.

  • Sayswho

    Nice Building...


  • Jeffro

    Turrets? Seriously?

  • laverite

    Wonderful old buildings like this can be used for so many different things. I looked at the pictures on the website and was really impressed with how they have made it work for their purposes. Love the building. Too bad it has been used for cult purposes in the past. :( But what a lovely idea to repurpose it for creative expression -- something that is so severely limited for the JWs.


    I wonder what the WTBTS made selling that building...

  • factfinder

    Did the cong. build the KH like that?

    If I had seen that building before becoming a witness I'd be afraid to go into it!

    Is this kh in England? There must have been several congregations meeting there, right?

    That must have been a strange experience going back to it after it was made a mueseum, and recalling what it was like having meetings there.

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