Mormon's using the web to escape their cult.

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  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    I read this article the day it came out and like it on my Facebook feed. I ended up too nervous to repost with a smart comment as I had just posted the article about the 375 million real estate sale. This article combined with the one about Mormons not utilizing door-to-door as much would get some to think, I hope. One brother actually posted the article about preaching with the comment that JW's were only ones following Christ's example. A sister commented, adding an insult to Mormons. Took everything I had to a.) not comment so, was Jesus admonishing we insult others that b.) were following his example (since the br. Did just point out how now we are the only ones).

  • leaving_quietly

    One older JW brought this up today to me. In typical JW fashion, he said, "now JWs really ARE the only ones going door-to-door!"

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