How successful we're quickly builds in your area

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  • joe134cd

    I remember hearing about quickly builds how this was a sign of Jehovah's spirit that the KH could be built in 3 days. But what I am wondering is just how successful we're these builds. I can think of a couple of halls that were built by the quickly built methods that I would suspect they would of lost money on. One of which involved the hall been flattend to the ground and rebuilt again due to faulty workmanship, and another that came close to it. There are a couple more.

  • 2+2=5

    One things for sure, if they were paying all those who were involved, even the minimum wage, the cost would be astronomical. If you had to pay those people you would soon be going backwards on the job. Good thing they are all volunteers.

    The sites are always way to overcrowded with eager, unskilled juveniles, also with everyone working on top of one another it is impossible to work at a normal acceptable speed. In my trade, I would say that the work gets done at half the rate it should be done with the amount of tradesman involved. Half the speed at best.

    Of course they will say KHs gettin built in three days is evidence of the Holy Spirit. They would never say that the mind control techniques are working wonderfully, and the cult personalities are making the Organzition a fortune.

    The quality of the work I think generally is reasonable, but I have not really been involved with many.

    They say you get what you paid for, and the WTS pays nothing....... so we shouldn't expect much.

  • zeb

    dont know I volunteered and was never allowed to work on QB.

  • 2+2=5

    Yes my application was never approved either.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    OSHA Regulations were totally ignored and violated.

    The rook leaked after only 4 years and the sound system wiring had chronic issues from day 1.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I was involved in several QB's. They seemed to go very well. Looking back this is one of the few things that give me any pride in once being a part of this bat-shit crazy cult.

  • Pistoff

    To me, quick builds were about community building, then the GB clamped down on who could go, who could work, who paid for what, what plans to use.

    They killed the spirit of the quick build movement; it was the modern equivalent of the barn raising. One more thing the lawyers for the WT ruined.

    In our area, (northern plains) they built them over the 2 weekends, then closed them up. More than one has been torn down because of mold.

    Many have had the HVAC systems replaced, mold on the ceilings near the overhead air runs, the ducts were full of water, skanky water.

  • JakeM2012

    Watchtower has had its problems with mold, some of the halls were completely torn down and others gutted. At one time WTBTS had a department that investigated the mold issues. I would say it is fairly simple, in the early days they built the hall in two days no matter what the weather was. If it was raining, there would be sisters putting up the insulation in the walls and the roof wasn't even framed or decked, therefore the rain got the insulation wet, and later it was locked up in the wall when sheetrocked.

    Another thing to consider is the cost of food for the workers. If my memory is correct, the RBC would recognize a cost of $30,000-$40,000 per hall. And this is with "free labor".

  • jookbeard

    I found the whole idea of the "quick build" not only cult like but staggeringly uncostaffective not to mention the dreadful workmanship that they all seemed to have suffered from, is there any quickbuild out there that never had rectifaction work done on it in the preeceeding months and years? One build I was on and I vowed never to go to another one after was showered with far too much labour with far too little to do, picture the scene, a brother stands there with a plank of wood , a sister stands there with a pencil, another brother stands there with a saw, brother puts the plank of wood on the floor , sister marks the wood with her pencil and brother saws the wood ! what an unbelivable waste of time and completly pointless and counterproductive and this goes on all day! our own cong had a referb not strictly a quickbuild exept in the last 2 weekends, the contractor was a JW company and the final job resulted in rectifcation work in which they charged for! a friend of mine who worked in the construction buissness said he could have completed the work quicker, cheaper and without the need for all the free labour and not have the need to repair the crap workmanship, dont get me started on the CA hall construction!

  • just Ron
    just Ron

    the down side to depending on volunteer labor is the inability to reshedule when the weather is uncooperative. the local hall was built in late November, which in our area means fairly cold and likely wet weather. over night there was a storm and the food tent blew down. it was a royal mess.

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