Did you feel pushed into pioneering?

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  • Xanthippe

    So I have been replying to letters from a JW friend who suddenly started writing to me after I've been out for nearly 25 years.

    I have mentioned things like the poverty that pioneering causes from my own experience, worrying about having enough money to buy food.

    I also said that the scrimping would have been worth it if we had been saving to buy a home or go on lovely holidays.

    Instead we ended up with nothing materially and we were living in a tiny rented flat when we left.

    When I think of all the places I wanted to visit with my husband but couldn't because we were pioneering and had no money and now it is too late because my husband has died at the age of 54. We did get to visit some beautiful places but we ran out of time.

    What I was trying to say to her was - life's too short. Stop waiting for the new system, get on with your life. Stop exhausting yourself in that religion. She and her husband are so ill.

    She replied,

    We are sorry that your time in the Truth seems to have been very difficult. You seemed very happy when you and (husband) were pioneering - you were a real example to us and an encouragement too. Did you feel pushed into it or was it your choice? Sometimes we can feel pushed into doing things we really didn't want to - sometimes it can be a goog thing - other times not.

    I feel amazed at this. Did I feel pushed into pioneering? Well if you take into account the endless talks and articles making me feel personally responsible for all the people who will die at armageddon if I didn't pioneer! She has totally missed the point or refused to see it that pioneering messes up peoples lives and makes them lose out on so much.

  • Xanthippe

    Right I had to dash off on an errand so I will finish this now. Do you think she is saying 'Well it was your choice to pioneer, nobody made you! You could have had a full-time job, money, bought a home, gone on holidays! Don't blame the organization!'

    Interested in your thoughts because I can see she's side-stepping the issue but not sure what she's trying to say. Thanks.

  • abbasgreta

    Yes. If somehow, with a lot of financial "jiggling" you could pioneer but weren't you were "shirking". When we told the elders in Sept 2007 (I had "woken up" by this point) we had to put our daughters first, who at the time were 14 and 12 (we taught them at home) and HAD to come off as they were being neglected and were struggling, all we got was "Oh well, Jehovah will find replacements to take your place".

  • Xanthippe

    Exactly Abbasgreta, we were made to feel we were shirking if we didn't move heaven and earth to pioneer. When I had to stop because I was so ill I got a letter from the Society. Did it say well done, thanks for all your hard work? No it asked me to return all the literature I had in my possession that I'd purchased at pioneer rate because I was no longer entitled to it!

    Of course we were pushed into it with guilt but also concern that people were going to die, people we saw around us every day, in our neighbourhood. I just couldn't go off and live a normal life with that knowledge hanging over me. I do actually resent the idea that it was just feeling pushed into it with guilt etc that motivated me.

  • Xanthippe

    Oh dear how embarrassing I seem to be talking to myself. Well anyway sometimes writing things down helps to clarify it in my own mind. Think I will get off to bed now anyway seeing as I've been up since four to catch a plane.

  • Hillary

    At least u finally figured out the scam and got out. Many aren't so lucky

  • designs

    Graduating High School and having college closed off and a War going on in Vietnam my generation of JWs were trapped with Pioneering as The Choice.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hi Xan, You posted this 6 hours ago. I read it 5 hours ago and started to reply but then deleted it.

    Your question brings up bad memories. The easiest answer is of course, yes, but there was so much more to it than that.

    I will just answer yes, and move on.

    Just Lois

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I don't see how anyone could *not* feel pushed into pioneering. It was shoved down your throat at every.single.meeting that if you weren't pioneering yet, you had better be making plans to start

  • T D Joseph
    T D Joseph

    Most of them who take up pioneering are forced into it on two counts:

    1) Relentless prompting from the platform and publications that if you do not preach "blood-guilt" is upon you. Then special articles in the km specially in the school vacation time entitled: "Will you do more in these months?"

    2) The clapping the pioneers receive when someone's name is announced as new pioneer from the platform (which is of course against the spirit of what Jesus said in Mathew 6:2-4.

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