What's Da Word On Weed, Mon?

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  • snare&racket

    Who cares.... Pass the parcel and enjoy ;)

  • talesin

    Metatron ... also in Canada, you can get it from a dispensary if you are approved. It's now 'legal' for those who are on chemo, have glaucoma, severe arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as a couple of other dis-eases.


  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Satanus, that's my thought too. You can get a prescription for some opiates and that's OK. But man, if you don't have that prescription, the demons are gonna come knockin'.

    Same thing with weed. I get they they check for your medical marijuana card before harrassing you.

    It really shows the flaw in the whole spiritism angle they use for drugs.

  • metatron

    Can it actually be that this controversy hasn't hit the Governing Body for a legalistic ruling yet? One says, vaporizer, another seems to say smoking is ok (maybe).

    If we haven't seen a BOE letter on it yet, maybe it still hasn't been 'legislated' yet. And given the seemingly infinite numbers of physical ills that Witnesses claim, who knows where this ends up?

    Imagine whole congregations stoned...


  • DesirousOfChange

    Imagine whole congregations stoned...

    My recollection is that "stoned" is synonymous with "f***ed up".

    [Dude, I'm really stoned! = Dude, I'm really f***ed up!"]

    Thus your illusion note above is already in effect in most Congos.


  • MrFreeze

    Alcohol is also "mind-altering" as is caffeine. At least the Mormons are consistent in this.

    I think you can guarantee marijuana is in the "tobacco and other drugs" category

  • TotallyADD

    Come on MrFreeze. Come on up and let's partake. Just kiddding. LOL Totally ADDDDDDDDdd.dd.

  • talesin


    Haven't crossed paths in a while, just wanted to send you a bit of love!



  • truthhurts13

    I own a dispensary here in California, and I can tell you right now, that I do a lot of business with the jaydubbs up in Humboldt. They grow the plants, make edibles, tinctures etc. I know this because I've helped and watched them do it. They can ingest it in any form except for smoking it. They said that the elders up there say that if the law of the land permits it, then its ok.

    They even roll joints, and sell them, but won't smoke them.

    I must give them credit, they can grow some serious marijuana plants

    One big united organization, right?

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