Jehovah's Witnesses or Watchower's Witnesses?

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  • biometrics

    I've often thought about it. Are these people witnessing Jehovah or the Watchtower.

    In the abscense of solid proof that God is backing the Watchtower they are only witnessing a group of men who beleive they have God's backing.

  • Simon

    The sad thing is, I don't think they know.

    Is it the governing body? Are they still running the WatchTower or is that now another group? So who decides what goes in the WatchTower? Do the witnesses even know what the setup is? Probably not !

    But you're right - the last thing on their list is "Jehovah"

  • smiddy

    I totally agree with you bio.

    Jehovahs Witnesses have never, ever ,witnessed anything jehovah has said, or done. If "jehovahs witnesses",the religous sect ,that is,make that claim because they quote the words of the bible using the name of jehovah ,they are no different from any other religion that quotes the bible . Why not ? Simply because many religions accept the name of jehovah for God.Many translations use that name or its equivalent yahweh ,which I might add the "Aid To Bible Understanding"printed version when it first came out acknowledged was probably the more correct pronunciation. If you doubt that religions other than jehovahs witnesses use the name jehovah go to u-tube and type in "Jehovah is He" and see the various organizations who use that name.And dont forget the name Jehovah was an invention by a catholic monk in the thirteenth century adding vowels to the english translation of the tetragramaton , namely e , o , a , jhvh became jehovah.

    So the bottom line is really : The sect CALLING itself jehovahs witnesses ,are no more ,witnesses of jehovah than any other religion that use and base their beleif on the bible for their beleifs.,because many bibles use jehovah or yahweh

    Jehovahs Witnesses have never ever witnessed to anything said by Jehovah other than what was written two thousand years ago in the christian greek scriptures ,in other words they are no more informed than the rest of christendom


  • carla

    I have a friend that refers to them as wf's (watchtower followers).

  • blondie

    Acts 1:8 definitely not witnessing about Jesus...try and find any mention of Jehovah's witnesses in the NT.

  • Terry

    The greek word "martyr" meant "witness." (μ?ρτυς, mártys, "witness").

    Originally the term did not necessarily denote suffering for giving testimony. In fact, depending on what testimony you gave you may have benefited OR suffered reprisals.

    Think of it this way: A tribunal or court calls you to testify or to answer charges for something or other. You stand up and testify. You agree or disagree with whatever charges have been made. You comply or refuse to comply with something you are officially charged to carry out.

    DEPENDING on your testimony you either benefit or you are punished.

    The use of the word in regard to christian testimony is well known. A christian opened his mouth and said things others did not want to hear very often!

    When Stephen gave testimony about Jesus as the Messiah, the religious authorities in Judaism charged him as a heretic and blasphemer.

    Now, oddly enough, Stephen is called THE FIRST MARTYR. This has always seemed strange to me. Under Roman authority, the Jews were definitely NOT ALLOWED to employ summary execution without permission by the local magistrate connected to the authority of Rome.

    How is it these Jewish authorities felt impunity in stoning Stephen to death on the spot??

    I suspect, and I could very well be wrong, that this story of Stephen leaves out a lot of in-between narrative to make it more potent.

    Having said all the above, I now say this. Judge Rutherford was a man trained in the law who argued legal cases before various courts over a period of years mostly in connection with First Amendment violations by the JW's. He, Olin Moyle and Hayden Cooper Covington made a real impact on the

    way Jehovah's Witnesses were seen and treated under law.

    Rutherford made up the name Jehovah's Witnesses with the public testimony before the world characterized as a COURT judging Jehovah.

    Would Jehovah's name be reviled or sanctified by the world of angels, devils and man?

    This sort of dramatic tableau was very popular in apocalyptic adventist circles.

    In fact, Ellen White had created this scenario previously in her book THE GREAT CONTROVERSY which Franz, Rutherford and others managed to

    suck the juice out of for Watchtower articles.

  • Fernando

    Their true name and identity indeed.

    Great catch.

    I suspect this name will stick because it belongs.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you and think the religion's name is a catch phrase to imply they have "divine' contact.

    I think many of them stick with the religion BECAUSE it has the magic name (which they took, by the way. God didn't shout down from heaven and bestow it upon them).

    They then reason that Jehovah must be backing them.

  • TotallyADD

    I still think they should be called GB witnesses. Totally ADD

  • T D Joseph
    T D Joseph

    That is an interesting question!

    If they were Jehovah’s Witnesses, they would have been the exact representation of His very being.

    If they were,

    1) They would have imitated Jehovah in NOT making the distinction between God’s people and pagans (contrast Mathew 5:44-48)

    2) They would have enjoyed questionings of their followers, like Jehovah did with Abraham.—Genesis 18:23-33 [contrast this with the treatment they gave to one Bethelite, who is a Gilead Graduate and MTS Instructor. While he was the Head of the Service Department, He questioned certain things he could not digest. He was relieved of all privileges. He is still in Bethel being literally put on a vegetative state. This happened when I was in Bethel—hence know its details.


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