Sparlock and memories of childhood

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  • WTWizard

    I don't remember them trashing Pokemon, because that came out in the late 1990s and by then, I was already inconsistent in attending boasting sessions. However, if I was a hounder-hounder on that talk, I would have said "Look at the game box. Does it say "PokeDEM"? No. It says "PokeMON", and that stands for pocket monsters and not demons." Pokemon is no "worse" than some of the other Mario games. And the term "monster" here refers simply to a creature that, in the game, has specific abilities that do not carry out into the real world. One cannot learn how to do spiritism by playing the game, therefore it is not something they have any business worrying about (and even if it did, can they prove that spiritism actually does anyone any harm aside that the filthy angels do the dirty work?).

    It's all about fun. Pokemon, as a "time waster", is actually fairly mild. You can play a few minutes, save the game, and resume later. Try that with some of the other games where you must play in one session. There are relatively few times where you are playing 30 minutes or longer without any real occasions to save and resume--at the beginning, the gym badges and caves, and the Elite Four/Championship. But, if one cannot occasionally find time for that, the religion is really unbalanced. If joke-hova really demands all your time and can't even spare a few minutes here and there, is that thing really worth worshiping? And, will it be any better if/when its purpose is fulfilled? Actually, what they don't want is people trading pocket monsters at school--which was popular back in the late 1990s. One good way to help someone is to trade your ekans for a sandshrew, or a kadabra for a machoke (both change to their final forms). Needless to say, the washtowel (and especially some of the strictest families) don't want their children doing that.

  • perfect1

    LOL WTWiz, you know your Pokemon.

  • innerpeace

    I remember my brother and I having to get rid of certain albums after specific artists were mentioned at the assembly in the 80's. I had to get rid of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and he had to get rid of Van Halen. I also remembered them mentioning Twisted Sister, never had their album though lol. Was huge into the smurfs and watched them all the time until the society decided they were evil.

    My parents were very liberal but I do remember the feeling of being different in school, esp at holidays. It's not a good feeling, every kid has a natural desire to fit in with the crowd. Glad my kids won't have to worry about that. I love it when my son gets invited to birthday parties.

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