Congregation meetings conducted in the prison

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  • frankiespeakin

    What would be even better than these religious indoctrination meetings would be teaching these guys a skill and an education on how to use logic, and avoid black and white thinking.

    Most of the prison population come from poor people who live a life of survival and resort to crime to make a living(the unruley poor). A good education in psychology, critical thinking, and developing marketable technical skills would be much better than a indoctrination course to make one subservient to whimsical corporational Deity who get upset at triffles.

  • Violia

    wonder if they practice disfellowshipping in prison? I didn't notice anyone wearing a beard seems like they are following the cults ridged dress and grooming code.

    yes, someone I know well was in prison during ww2 and was shunned b/c he associated with other prisoners and eventually was viewed as apostate. It caused him to have a mental breakdown while in prison and effected the rest of his life and his family. Very sad story.

  • truth_b_known

    We had one who was disfellowshipped for his felony. He actually surrended to the police asking to serve his time in the prison that was in our terrirtory because of the arrangement. He was reinstated and pioneered while in the pen.

    Most the inmates who attended the meetings were raised as Witnesses, got into drugs, and went to prison for their illegal activities.

    I also lost track of the number of people I booked into the county and, while inventorying their personal property, came across their "blood card".

  • frankiespeakin


    That's a very sad story.


    I'm thinking with the WT Corporations record of putting down a "worldly education" the many poorly educated people that become JW and follow the corporations directives on getting an education lead many into poverty and crime. I bet if they could take a survey they would find a higher rate among JW prison population.

  • frankiespeakin

    This is a very sad video because it shows the amount of denial GB is in and it is an exploitation of these men to make a Corporation's promotional video. BTW it is not even mentioned how many were JWs or raised by JW parents. Of course they won't mention that in this promo because it would be much good for a promo if it did. Cherry picking what they want you to see and think about.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley
    I wonder if they practice disfellowshipping in prison?

    In prison it's called "solitary confinement"

    It works the same in the Kingdom Hall: "solitary confinement".

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