EVERYTHING you always wanted to know about shunning, excommunication and disfellowship practice

by Terry 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • gorgia2


    Thank you for this post. Every time I read your pieces I hope there are active JW lurkers reading them too.

    'I think it's more about acceptance of an uncomfortable truth than it is about belief. Acceptance is far harder, in my experience.'

    Vidiot - what a sentence! Thanks for sharing your experiences on here too.


  • slipnslidemaster

    GREAT research! There is not enough research regarding Knorr, Franz and the transition from Rutherford. Covington is a major player, yet I've read little of his history online. I've read that Knorr and Franz were picked on Rutherfords deathbed but that is hardly the truth. Poor Covington, smart, brilliant, yet not smart enough to be of the "annointed".

  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Terry, for the research.

    Of course the ORG will always say that the light keeps on getting brighter, and brighter, so that is the reason for change. What gets to me is the way reality is twisted, when the News Department makes a statement on this matter.

    I hope this procedure gets changed in my lifetime.

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