The BRAIN is awakening! Don't ignore it!

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  • sd-7

    It definitely sounded like the interview was scripted--her responses seemed scripted. I may be wrong. But it felt like she was holding back a whole lot of emotion there, and I can imagine people were crying from this interview. But aren't all the JW convention interviews scripted this way, more or less? Clearly this was positioned for the maximum emotional effect on the audience, but, well, Oubliette you said it:

    The "brother" interviewing her was only to happy to exploit her incredible misfortune to reinforce the cult's mindset on those in attendance with this gratuitiously emotional experience. To play with people's emotions that way just to advance your own agenda is so wrong on many levels. He should be ashamed of himself, but I'm sure he is not. It's okay, I'm ashamed of him.

    I'll just second those statements.


  • flamegrilled

    I agree with Oubliette. I don't believe that there is any reason to doubt that what was said was 100% genuine.

    That has no bearing on whether it is true or not.

  • Tech49

    The point of my post was NOT to focus on Whitney's mom. Her emotional distress is very evident, and justifiably so. I feel for her and her family. They are dealing with a horrible horrible thing. What she and they believe for a future is based on what they have been taught over many years.

    The point of my post was to show that to someone, Vic, who does not know them personally, can hear her experience at the DC and sense a certain amount of "acting". Maybe she and I are both wrong. No doubt the mom had her words written out, so that she could even get them out! Very understandable, I think it safe to say that we all would, that in itself brings out a certain amount of "acting", or "reading".

    In referencing my other topic about District Convention experiences being trumped up and over-dramatized for effect, I was pointing out that an un-knowing individual may see the same "effect" here as well. No doubt the brothers involved with the part wanted certain "points", and "effects" to be included. The words she spoke were probably not all her own (pure speculation on my part, of course.). Yes, its a gut-wrenching thing to listen to, for the obvious emotional reasons. The emotion was real, and I am sure that anyone listening would feel the same.

    The continued point of my topic was this: sometimes there are obvious things that we see or hear that bring red flags up and flashy lights a-flashing! Often, we choose to ignore them. The older I get, the more I am learning to listen to my instincts, to listen to my "gut"...

    In an attempt to help Vic to do the same, we see that the brain fights itself, and therein lies the challenge.

  • flamegrilled


    I agree that those things take place all the time, and that we can tune into them.

    However my personal stance is that I presume someone is genuine unless there is strong evidence to the contrary. In this case when I listened to the interview I found I had no personal reason to doubt that she meant everything she said.

    I have close family members who believe primarily because not to believe would leave them without hope of seeing ones they have lost. I know this syndrome well. It's no logical basis for belief in anything in particular and yet it is a strong influencer, and those who have it as their foundation are not easily moved from that.


  • Oubliette

    What I think is so wrong is that they take this poor, distraught woman's very REAL pain over the tragic loss of her daughter and shamelessly exploit it for a PSA for their FANTASY beliefs and false hopes based on the alleged teachings of an admittedly INVISIBLE leader and his IMAGINARY father.

  • Tech49

    That's my point exactly..... a manipulated exploitation of a very real event... There is no doubt in my mind that what she says is real and is coming from her heart. However, When a real situation like this is exploited by others, including an organization, to the point of becoming obvious, it arouses the pricking in many sleeping consciousnesses.

    Side note: I know of another event that took place just recently, in the past few weeks, where a young man, a witness youth, took his own life. Tragic, horrible, and a terrible thing for his family to deal with now. You won't hear about it from the platform, or as an "experience", because the family was quiet, there was no press on it, no multi-level media coverage, small Memorial service at the local KH....... hence no PSA from the brothers, no CO's and DO's coming to the family's aid, no outpouring of support from the "worldwide" brotherhood.... because it wasnt sensational in any fashion. Just a teen, taking his own life, to escape, for whatever reason. Funny, how if it doesnt serve a "greater purpose", no one talks about it. Sad, really just sad.

  • sarahsmile

    Sorry to hear about this young ladies tragic death. I think mom is a true believer and enjoyed her heart warming hope for her daughter resurrection and wanted to share her feelings.

    But the elder that gave the talk well he sounds a little creepy. First I will give him some credit enjoyed his rhyme?, pill,bills. However it took away from the serious subject matter. Now I am going to slam dunk the hell out of this little creep!

    What the hell was he thinking. Maybe he thought no one was listening or maybe I miss understood something.

    Does he really think that our imperfect bodies are going to GRADUALLY change after Jehovahs war. Really? Gradually!

    So I am sure you react to what the idiot said. Probably by the time the mother interview took place she did few humms in there. It probably was fillers until her mind caught up with her words. She did a fantastic job considering the bone head giving the talk really screwed up.

    I mean really, come on! I really do not want to listen to it again! Still I could be wrong, but where does it say in the bible that our bodies will mutate back to perfection because that is how I take gradually.

    So as I was listening to dump sh_t talk. I started to imagine someone who was crippled happy that her one leg took twenty years to heal, and looking forward to her other leg gradually becoming perfect. Again I could be wrong and missed his point.

    I think it was suppose to be like a twinkle in the eye God will make everything perfect. Twinkle versus gradually one is fast and the other is s l o w. LOL

    Ok I am going to listen to this one more time! But I really think it was not the interview you had problems with, you just could not put your finger on the error! I have done that before and had exjw figure it out.

    You sure did find something,LOL. I will just shake my head! I bet that mother knew the speaker was wrong but just depended on Jehovah. I bet Mr.Elder thinks he pulled something over on every one and was secretly laughing at his audience. So on that note he could not take away from the mothers future hope. Actually the mother pointed out that Jehovah will tell her daughter to wake up ... so I guess her daughter will not be going through wake up then gradually become a different body. PLEASE!

  • sarahsmile

    After Jehovahs war our imperfect flesh will gradually fade away. Still sounds wrong. Way wrong! And it is mutation.

    I do not think the JW teach imperfect flesh gadually fades away doctrine. I been out for a long time and their doctrines really have changed.

    Darn half my face is still imperfect! Good news thother half is perfect.

    Or does he mean half my face is just gone!

    No wonder you had so much problems with this talk, I just can not wrap my gradually faded away flesh around it! Look grandma does not need her crutches because she does not need legs they have faded. No pill no bills flesh just half faded away.

  • sarahsmile

    Lol What Brain it faded away!

  • DeWandelaar

    It is all scripted... even the personal interviews... I know because I had such a personal interview once on "stage" ... that was one of the reasons I thought differently about all these "personal" interviews since then.

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