It's the JW's fault that I no longer see evidence for god......apparently.

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  • Oculos Aperire
    Oculos Aperire

    Of course the Watchtower can be blamed. They have abused his name.. his teachings.. his message.. his word.. they have destroyed relationships, wrecked lives and caused the deaths of countless numbers of people. They have the most weighty bloodguilt on their hands too. They can rightly be blamed for an awful great deal.

    I for one.. still believe in God. But very little else.

  • abbasgreta

    Oculos:Hi! Its devastating when you realise our "faith" was based on lies and deceit - a real house of sand and twigs. My story resonates a lot with yours, regular pioneer for 6 years - the last 6 months as a "woken up " member of the conscious class. The most miserable 6 months ever. I just always got the point that the wt were misrepresenting God - and when we left, scared of the future, I couldn't pray as I had been used to. I just told Him "I am so anxious I feel physically sick, but I know I cannot step into the KH on Sunday. I believe you are being mis-represented". Just tell Him you can't pray at the moment, just that. (He knows already, but its like having to jump off a ledge into some-one's arms who you can't see - that rescuer is desperate for you to jump). His love and unending goodness to you will kick in immediately. (Could tell you amazing things here, but they would invite a lil' bit of scorn on the part ofsome - methinks!). Are you still reading the NWT? If so, pack it away for the time being and get ANY other translation and read it with a Bible Commentary - cover to cover, you will be amazed at the things we never knew as jws. Take your time, you are in 'healing'. Just a word of comfort from Psalm 18 in the New Living Translation: v27 and 28: ""you (God) rescue the light a lamp for me, the LORD my God lights up my your strength....and with my God I can scale any wall"... Wishing you increasing peace and inner contentment. Greta xx

  • punkofnice

    GoodGuyGreg -

    What the JWs did to me, was to make me realize that no other religion made sense, so when I realized that they don't either, I was completely free from all organized religion.

    Oh, yes!

    I have to admit I am now very cynical.

    An agnostic friend of mine (never been a xtian), that I have always looked up to said to me that I have swung from the JW god thing to the other extreme having been fooled. He said that I'd likely swing back somewhere in the middle. We shall see. We shall see!

  • punkofnice

    Steve2 -

    I was flooded with unanticipated joy.

    I wish god would flood me with unanticipated cash............or at least pay me back all the money I unwittingly gave for the governing body's paedophilia.

    Oculos - I'm sure you'll find your path when the time is right.

    Abbas -

    the last 6 months as a "woken up " member of the conscious class. The most miserable 6 months ever.

    Been there. Awful isn't it?!?!

    When I 'believed' I found a great bit of bible software called 'eSword' which is the bible with full Hebrew and Greek refs.

    But then I had wanted to read the bible again some time to see how I felt about it but I see no point................there is nothing at the end of the rainbow and the rainbow is a delusion!

  • abbasgreta

    Oculos: I meant if the bible you had read through in 2 months had been the NWT - sorry for the silly wording.

  • GromitSK

    Hi punk. I like churches and organ music and I love the occasional hymn. I don't associate them with a god but there seems to be something transcendent about them. One of the few positives I take from having been a JW is that it has in someways inoculated me against organised religion and inadvertently kick-started my critical thinking.

  • abbasgreta

    punkofnice: Hi!! Rev 22 is not just "the end of the rainbow" for me, its the wonder of God, who stepped into time as the I AM of Exodus or the " who Was and Is and Is to Come"of Rev1:8 consummating everything he purposed to be. I find it freakin' awesome!! Love.G.x

  • punkofnice

    abbas -

    (Could tell you amazing things here, but they would invite a lil' bit of scorn on the part ofsome - methinks!).

    No scorn from me. I have my point of view and will happily discuss it but not with scorn.

    We are after all only fragile creatures.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    All belief in a God comes from religion. All of it. No one ever independently arrives at the conclusion there is a 'God'.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Don't forget all those rubbish illustrations to prove the existance of a god.

    Pulls out pocket watch. Who designed and made it? Must have had a designer and creator. So what about man, earth....

    We were brought up on this twaddle.


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